The Mentalist to Welcome Back Erica Flynn

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The Mentalist took a break from Red John last Thursday, while focusing on Jane and Lisbon's bond, along with Cho's declining state of addiction.

So, what can fans of this CBS smash expect on February 16? The return of a familiar face.

Morena Baccarin (Homeland) will reprise her role as Erica Flynn, the murderer Patrick Jane helped expose, as this character receives a furlough in order to assist the CBI solve a charity worker's homicide. Elsewhere on the episode - titled "War of the Roses" - Rigsby prepares for fatherhood.

Watch the official network promo now:

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LOVED.TH.FREAKING.EPISODE. SOOOOOOOOOO WANT ERICA TO RETURN. Jane deserves a woman matching his intellectual capabilities...damn..if only which hadn't KILLED someone. The police aren't going to just forget abt her :(
but evn so THEY have steaming chemistry


Indeed one of the best episodes...should have run the previous episode
where Erica Flynn is charged for the murder of her husband, then the latest
episode as well. The second best was the last episode with Malcolm McDowall where he has captured the attention of Van Pelt...should be an interesting follow-up.


While I like the chemistry between Patrick and Erica, I find it hard to believe he would be attracted to a murderer when his family was murdered. He devotes his life to tracking down his family's killer and then falls for a women that killed her husband? Yeah, right.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

YESSS. THE perfect foil to Patrick Jane is back. This ought to be great.

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