Two and a Half Men Review: "Not In My Mouth"

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As an avid fan of Two and a Half Men, I can confidently state:

This episode does not rank among my top 50 favorites. Maybe not even my top 75.

Drink Much?

The episode was pretty decent by all comedic standards, but it lacked the punch Two and a Half Men is known for. I mean, we know Walden is rich, we don’t need to be reminded every single week. As a viewer, I yearn for the days of truly epic installment, by which I mean, a half hour filled with laughter and not just mere chuckles or smiles. I do hope Chuck Lorre and company can rectify this.

On to the episode at hand: “Not in My Mouth” showed us how tricky and disgusting love can be. Lyndsey vomited in Alan’s mouth while Zoey and Walden almost broke up because the former did not utter those three important words to the latter. Then, Walden almost buried his sorrows in Jennifer’s bosom, but Jake took his place and enjoyed the best half hour of his life.

Alan, Berta and Jake still delivered the best lines of the night. Head over to our Two and a Half Men quotes page for more and I'll assume everyone agreed: we need to see more of Evelyn and Bridget.

In all, this was a poor outing for the show. I hope the upcoming episodes do much better.


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The writing is terrible.All I feel is sorry for talented actors who have to say those awful lines and play those boring scenes .The worst yet , April 16 , 2012 .


Isn't this mirrored or emisthong? AFAIK, Don Draper's office is to the left of Peggy's when facing the doors. Also, I am under the impression that when Don walks from the reception to his office, he has doors on his right hand side. I'd say his office is either lowe left corner or where Roger Sterling's office is.But I'm only half way through season 3 so things may have happened since then.Regarding Cooper's office, I'm under the impression that it's on another floor.


I look for the re runs the new show really sucks especially u no who.




Why do I get the feeling the writers were reading "Sweet Apple Massacre" when they were writing this episode? With that said, this show really needs to be cancelled for its own good. I don't know ANYONE who thinks it's still funny.


i love to watch the reruns when charlie was there, but now the show wreeks
of damage control especially so if aston is making what they say he is, asshton
will never be better than charlie, because he dosent have what it takes and
that is CHARACTER, so,until then i will just enjoy the reruns and wait for charlie
to out do asshton on another comedy.Love you charlie.


Honestly, the scene in the plane with lyndsey getting sick on everyone was really funny to me, she is so disgusting, but it was so funny. HAHA


I didn't know "South Park" had gone live and changed its name to "Two and a Half men."
Wow, Stan and Wendy sure are barfing less than usual.


Tried to watch this On Demand and found it so shockingly gross, I had to turn it off. What were the writers and producers thinking?


@ Kate & Ira - Are you both on drugs?

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Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 17 Quotes

Walden: I will buy you whatever you need in London.
Alan: If Zoey won't say it, I will. I love you Walden Schmidt.

Jake: I need 75 bucks for the new Call of Duty.
Alan: 75 bucks for a video game?
Jake: Yes, see it as investment.
Alan: An investment?
Jake: Yes, see it this way, if I enter the army after school, I will already know how to kill terrorists.