Two and a Half Men Review: "Not In My Mouth"

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As an avid fan of Two and a Half Men, I can confidently state:

This episode does not rank among my top 50 favorites. Maybe not even my top 75.

Drink Much?

The episode was pretty decent by all comedic standards, but it lacked the punch Two and a Half Men is known for. I mean, we know Walden is rich, we don’t need to be reminded every single week. As a viewer, I yearn for the days of truly epic installment, by which I mean, a half hour filled with laughter and not just mere chuckles or smiles. I do hope Chuck Lorre and company can rectify this.

On to the episode at hand: “Not in My Mouth” showed us how tricky and disgusting love can be. Lyndsey vomited in Alan’s mouth while Zoey and Walden almost broke up because the former did not utter those three important words to the latter. Then, Walden almost buried his sorrows in Jennifer’s bosom, but Jake took his place and enjoyed the best half hour of his life.

Alan, Berta and Jake still delivered the best lines of the night. Head over to our Two and a Half Men quotes page for more and I'll assume everyone agreed: we need to see more of Evelyn and Bridget.

In all, this was a poor outing for the show. I hope the upcoming episodes do much better.


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I don't get what is so funny about vomiting from start to end, I found this show disgusting. I feel sorry for the cast.


The funniest line was when Alan said: "I can't believe I kissed the mouth that did this!" The vomit theme was funny but they took it a bit too far when Lyndsey was in the bathroom and Alan and Walden were trying to talk. The humor would've been more powerful if they had shortened that scene. It was amusing to see Jake trying to score with the "whore from the seventh floor". And of course, he didn't succeed because he was good - he wasn't - he succeeded because she was easy.


Pathetic. From beginning to end. This show stopped on the end of season 6. On seasons 7 and 8, a couple of episodes were funny, especially when Herb and Bertha were involved but now ? It's so empty... It's usually only Alan and Walden, I mean they even took an actress who played Herb's sister before to play Walden's ex-wife, how insane, stupid, and disrespectful for the audience is that ? The good writers left after season 6, it's obvious, and the decent one remaining left with Charlie Sheen... Even The Big Bang Theory is getting boring, what the hell is Chuck Lorre doing ? Has he lost all perspective over his work ?


A round of applause to the four apparent studio hacks with the nerve to comment on this week's pathetic attempt at humor. "Touches of brilliance"? "Laughed my ass off"? The PR guy writing that must have thrown up a little in his own mouth.


Even though it was pretty sick I still laughed my ass off.


i simply hated this episode how can they ruin a comedy that used to be extremely good enjoyable and funny now it is just stupid toilet humor that is not funny alan is retarded and jake stopped being funny when he grew up i feel sorry for the actors they should cancel the show it is simply not working and vomiting is just stupid and makes yo feel sick i used to like two and a half men this is a FAIL.


I had been watching this show this season because it seemed to be a train wreck I couldn't take my eyes from. But that episode was disgusting. Writing went right down the tubes!!!!


I will never watch this show again. What were they thinking? All of the writers and decisions makers should be fired.


A lot of people seem very to be very offended by all the vomiting, which is completely understandable. However, the show did have some touches of brilliance, such as Zoey's argument with her ex, and when Jake pulled that chick Uncle-Charlie style!


This episode lacked humor on any level. The vomit jokes weren't funny, even on a "god, that's so gross" level. The supposed "punch-lines" were forced and the laugh track made them more sad and ludicrous. My high school students no longer watch the show which is a shame as I would really have loved their take on all of it. Who are these writers? No one in charge saw how awful this was? No one? Why has Alan been turned into such a cringe-worthy twit? There is desperation in the "Two and a Half Men" scripts and I predict we'll see a farewell episode very, very soon.

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Walden: I will buy you whatever you need in London.
Alan: If Zoey won't say it, I will. I love you Walden Schmidt.

Jake: I need 75 bucks for the new Call of Duty.
Alan: 75 bucks for a video game?
Jake: Yes, see it as investment.
Alan: An investment?
Jake: Yes, see it this way, if I enter the army after school, I will already know how to kill terrorists.