Californication Review: Highway to Hell and Whatnot

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As "The Party" opened, we found Hank kicked to the curb as Bates returned from rehab.

With last call at Karen's house well behind him, our hero felt New York calling him home once again. Thankfully, Charlie saw fit to throw Hank a going away shindig and as Samurai so accurately noted, "Charlie Runkles" knows how to throw a party!

Hank at Gunpoint

There were some great heart-to-heart conversations this week which offered up some of the best Californication quotes in our updted section. Charlie on bended knee begged for Hank's forgiveness, but also was right to warn his dear friend about expecting his agent to be someone he isn't.

I loved the scene on the beach where Hank let Karen be the crazy one for once. That whole moment was superbly set up by the couch confessional Hank had with Marcy. It's been too long since we've seen her spout off on how much she loves her star-crossed couple of friends as only she can. While I will feel for her when the truth about Stu's infidelity comes to light, nothing would please me more than to see her inner spark rekindled by Charlie once again. 

Bravo to Hank for channeling his inner Ari Gold and giving Tyler the bitch slap he deserved. Not since Adam Davies had someone been so deserving of such a five-fingered facial. Hank, of course, did not feel like he needed to bother his family with the truth behind why he attacked Becca's beau. He does have a tendency to blow into town and cause a lot of chaos, but I wish he would more adamantly defend himself on those occasions when he is not to blame. 

Things between Hank and his family were as good as they have been all season leading up to the party. Hopefully by the finale Becca and Karen will learn the truths Hank has been shielding them from; i.e.. Bates letting go, letting God and letting his sponsor go down on him. I'll wrap up this week with a question to you all:

Did anyone else notice how it seemed to go from light out to dark several times during the party? A rare flub for such a fantastic series but overall a solid episode. 


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It’s a specialty of TV show Californication, leading characters face all problems and still get separated from each other. Episode 11 “The party� was pretty much naughty due to two hot babes Charlie and Lizzie. Finale of Californication season 5 is about to air, hank is convincing his loved ladies Becca and Karen. It clearly seems Californication season 6 will be coming out with same stories.


I don't know. I liked it and didn't find the show all that predictable. Yes, Hank, Marcie and Karen did deliver some pat phrases, but that's consistent with their characters. It's how they relate to each other. I never tire of the chemistry between Karen and Hank - in this case, Hank continually "wiping the dirt off of her ass" while she laughs and tries to pull away (but not really). Loved seeing Tyler get that his comeuppance from Hank. To be honest, I expected Samurai to catch Tyler and Kali going at it, and then offing Tyler without a word. It didn't happen this time, but I'm expecting it to. Karen will catch Bates with his flip-flopping bi-sexual stuff and that....will be that.... Right now she thinks he's working on his sobriety when really he's just working on his sponsor - though he hasn't been shy in the past about admitting his penchant for playing ball on both sides of the street. Great job with the review! Wish I could chime in here a little earlier but.....this show only plays in Canada on Monday night. We are a full season ahead of the U.S. on "Lost Girl" so I guess that makes up for it. Except that it doesn't.


Really? pretty glowing review. Honestly, this show has been comatose in its goddamn laurels this season. The last few episodes have been so formulaic, its exhausting....Cast gathers-antics ensue-Hank has a run-in with Tyler, Becca says something deadpan and implausible(I GET the whole "wise beyond her years" routine but most people with that attribute aren't reading fortune cookies off a teleprompter) Karen waxes useless about what once was, Charlie Stu and Marcie play off really stale sexual history and exchange crude non-uendo and there's a huge twist at the end to set up the next episode..Seriously-exact plot structure for both ride along and the party. The writers need to stop jerking David Duchovney off and write a show that doesn't revolve around a bunch of 2-dimensional characters giving catch phrases. Hank Moody was once a character perpetually developing, but he's a cartoon as of late. And that's the LEAST of it! Bates might as well wear a sign on him saying "I'm only around for a season so Hank can not be with Karen and to reference the mangina...which ISN'T funny anymore) and as for Tyler and the Samurai....Jesus christ. This was the conversation had between writers:
"This ones a poorly drawn gangsta stereotype that would have been relevant 7 years ago maybe. He has lots of kids and wants to be an actor. and this ones Young Hank. he has entered uuddllrrabc into the Calicovision(?) and now he can drive a nice car and not have student loans."
"Ok...anything else?"
"Nah! that's about all we need."


Californication Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

There's no keeping a secret in this town.


That's just me, an ungrateful heathen, highway to Hell and whatnot.