The Secret Circle Review: Secrets and Lies

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There were a lot of twists and turns in "Curse" and it left the future a blank slate. John? A liar. Lee? Dead. Eva? Powers gone. Adam and Cassie? Their love vanished. Let's analyze how it went down.

What did I miss with Jane? I knew she was away, but not in a nuthouse. I was very confused. It was helpful that she was out of her mind, because her thinking Cassie was Amelia made her spill her guts about the curse with very little motivation. It was as if that's all she was thinking about and the entire reason she was in her predicament in the first place. 

Of course, at that point I didn't know John was magically moving Jane. John the liar, that is, with the magic he said he didn't have.

Adam and Cassie Pic

Was it any surprise that the curse would kill the only other male in the circle?

I noted in the Secret Circle Round Table this week that there was an overabundance of teen girls and older guys in Chance Harbor, and this might be a clue as to why! Maybe the sexes skipped a generation. Most of the current circle lost their moms and the current circle was made up of girls... I had no idea what the formula was, but it's definitely not balanced to give everyone a fighting chance at love. Once again, I didn't know as I was watching that John chose Jake specifically to feel the "curse."

The curse? Fake. There was never a curse. John made it up to keep Adam and Cassie apart. But everyone still thought there was a curse. That said, I had to give to thumbs up to Adam. When Cassie was hell bent on using her magic to help him during a fight with Jake, he screamed not to dark magic and to focus on him. Maybe he could help her through her issues with her magic and they could overcome things together. That was a pretty strong moment; when a hallucinating bigger, stronger witch was on top of him, Adam was thinking of Cassie. Impressive.

The question then became whether their love would live through the spell that John forced upon them in an effort to keep them apart. But John was a little rusty, and he screwed up. The potion he made erased Adam's love for Cassie, but she's still deeply in love with Adam. Way to go, dad! What was funny was that until this episode, I never bought that Adam and Cassie were in love. I was not on board. It seemed there were generational forces in action that made it unreal.

In the end, that is exactly what John did. The Secret Circle quotes had some heart crunchers this week, too.

I just didn't expect Cassie to end up alone. Whereas I earlier thought that maybe their love would work together to control her dark magic, I'm even more concerned about Cassie's dark magic being alone. John didn't think it through. He told Dawn his magic was weak. He better keep his act up as loving father or he may find himself fighting Cassie, who was in great pain and possessed with strong magic. Actually, I'd like to see that happen.

Additionally, I would like to withdraw my invitation for Faye to find John interesting upon her 18th birthday. She could do much better than him. I knew Faye wouldn't just let Eva get away with ripping Lee out of her hands, but the look on Faye's face when she saw the state he was in pained me.

She was hurt that he was dead and genuinely freaked that Eva was using her own magic against her, demanding she bring Lee back to life. I don't think Faye could have imagined her own powers were that strong if she hadn't seen them in action through Eva. So while we didn't lose Jake, it was confirmed that Lee was a permanent Raisinette and gone for good.

The playing board for the end of the season is wide open. I have no idea what to expect. I hope the circle grows closer, that someone in the circle figures what John is up to and that the kids get some payback for being strung along all their lives. Their parents didn't much enjoy being puppets of when they were younger, but they don't seem to have a problem dropping that same crap onto their own children.

It would be kind of awesome to see season two be the younger versus the older generations in a quest for freedom to live as they please. What do you think?


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Loved this episode. Shocked me a bit that there isn't a curse afterall. John played me as he has the circle. LOL I don't think he is as evil as many think. I do believe he cares for his daughter. Maybe he did not start off that way, but the more he is with her the more the paternal instincts are rising within. I always suspected Blackwell had powers, but did not realize he would go as far as to have dead crows all over the yard to prove a point! Good grief. I honestly don't even care that he lied about the curse. If it keeps Cassie and Adam apart, I say go for it. I see no chemistry between them. And like so many others posting, when did they fall so madly in love? One night of passion and boom! I did feel sorry for Cassie briefly because she was hurting. I do believe upcoming events will keep her from pining away for Adam. Loved Faye in this episode. And, I think Melissa may be the half sibling to Cassie after the way Blackwell was speaking to her. I love Joe Lando's portrayal of Blackwell. I hope he is in this show until the end. And if it is picked up for season 2, I hope the writers will find a way to bring him back to the show.


BTW John is on my shitlist with Jake.


I loved the episode until my couple was torn apart. Poor Adam and even moreso Cassie. JAKE GOT ON MY DAMN NERRVES. Give him something to do besides chase Cassie and badmouth Adam. I like the show but wish it was more like the books. Adam was stronger and smarter in the books. Diana was way more interesting. I'm not giving up though Adam and Cassie will make it. Who says they wont fall in love again.


Wow Carissa you actually liked an episode of TSC. I loved it because it finally answered some pretty nagging questions.
I was stunned that John did all of that to keep them apart. I think the only reason Cassie remembers everything is because of the dark magic. John clearly forgot how strong that is. Really did not see that coming. Wow. The show is getting very good. I am now more convinced that the 2nd Blackwell Child has to be Melissa. Maybe I'm reading too much into this but I feel that Melissa has no back story and a great way to introduce it would be to show who the 2nd Blackwell kid is.


Rande: I think that reason that John tore Cassie and Adam apart stems partly from his issues with the past (Amelia & Ethan) and partly because he wants control of the circle. He needs compliance from all, and he saw the bond/closeness that Cassie and Adam shared. In episode 15 (Return) he mentioned to Cassie not to tell anyone that he's back, and the first person she tells is Adam and what's more she lets John know that she trust Adam far more... So already he knew the influence and understanding that these two had. He was probably afraid the longer they were together the more formidable they would be. We saw in this episode that Adam was able to bring Cassie back from the brink, and maybe John wants to be the only to have the type of connection/control over Cassie. He broke them apart because he didn't them as a couple to become more important than the circle itself. He doesn't want them ganging up against him or to be able to see through his manipulations. Also it seems as thought the past might also have some baring. After all it seems that Amelia loved Ethan enough to attempt to leave the circle. John despite betraying Amelia still didn't want her to be with anyone but him.


Devon, to answer your question, the plot of the books is very different from the show. Adam and Cassie are soulmates from the start but stay away from each other for Diana. Eventually, they get caught up in passion, make out and Faye finds out. Faye holds this information over Cassie's head in order to get Cassie to do things for her. Eventually, it ends up where everything is out in the open and Diana realizes that Cassie and Adam are soulmates and tells them that they have her blessing. Then at the end they are together. This whole potion, one loving one and the other not business is all new and not in the book.


The only thing that bothers me about this show is that I don't like Cassie. She is always bringing trouble upon the circle and then she looks like the hero for using her dark magic to save the day (from trouble she started).
That and chemistry with Adam sucks. Maybe she should focus on getting back her grandmother instead of choosing boyfriends.
I do wish they would focus more on Diana, Melissa and Faye.
I did not understand John Blackwell's real motivation for keeping Cassie and Adam apart. Hopefully we find out.


Raise hands who missed Dawn&Charles scenes!Amazing chemistry! Hopefully we get more of this, and finally get their agenda! Charles turning to Jane I wouldn't ever see coming!
Faye!One time she was right about stuff and Cadam doesn't believe her!I loved the mean girl war with Eva! Great performance by Phoebe!
Melissa and Daddy JB, nice bounding scene!season 1 cliffhnger Mel leaving with her Dad! And they told us we will get to know Mel's other fammily! where are they!?
Diana was funny in the few scenes she appeared! She needs more focus!
And why wasn't Eva cast as Cassie she is awesome!
THIS show keeps getting better!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I loved the episode so much!The drama and story is really well done!
JohnBlackwell!what a plan!? he played his cards so well, exactly knowing what he wants and how to get there! Jane was such a well used tool!Using Jake and his guilt issues amazing.
Cassie/Adam/Jake I love their dynamic! J being the snarky jealous bad boy,I LOVE IT! bringing back the calvin stuff! teared up a bit while they were saying by to their love! they opened so much space and time for the ongoing stories! And it didn't worked on C really sad for her!
but it worked she is a little girl who just can trust her Dad!


Rosie: if you are referring to rain drops in the forest that was Adam and Cassie NOT JAKE. Adam even brought that up when he was talking to Cassie about his feelings for her,

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