Two and a Half Men Review: It's Momageddon!

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Following a couple weeks off the air, Two and a Half Men returned with an improved episode last night, and it was due to the integration of supporting characters.

In “Palmdale, Ech," both Walden and Alan took back row seats, popping up here and there with terrific timing, but never dominating the action. I'm quite happy that our beloved secondary players stepped into the spotlight here and delivered the kind of comedy to which we've grown accustomed over the years: crude humor, unbelievable outcomes and surprising stupidity.

Jake and Eldridge and Walden

This week was filled with drinking, partying and hooking up. And that's not even all. Let's not forget about creepy old men or Jake and Eldridge app-hunting. Zoe was conveniently   absent, and I didn't mind, as her character was becoming monotonous and annoying. I would have liked some Berta, though.

But Georgia Engel definitely shone tonight. I wasn't a huge fan of her on Everybody Likes Raymond, but she had a good rapport with the cast here, especially with Evelyn, considering that, yes, they hooked up (Ewww, anyone?). Overlooking that odd storyline, though, she did a great job overall as Lyndsey’s mother, acting as a carbon copy of Evelyn, which Alan rightly summed up:

They are both disappointed with their children and their grand-children.

Meanwhile, I would totally watch a Jake and Eldridge spinoff. They had me laughing throughout the episode, from arguing about their virginities, to brainstorming for ideas on apps and “consulting" for Walden. Both were great. I really want to see them in upcoming episodes.

So, what do you all think? Do you want to see more of Evelyn, Jake, Berta and Eldridge and less of Zoey? Has this episode restored your faith in the show? Sort through our Two and a Half Men quotes section and sound off now!


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All the Supporting Cast are GREAT and making the TV show better..
Without Mr. Sheen, 2 and half men still "SUCKS"""


It was a better show. Alan's girlfriend is a lot more interesting and colorful than Walden' girlfriend. Jake and his friend had more lines and were funny. Ashton Kutcher's character is much less freakish and stupid then when first introduced to the show...thank heaven. Alan's mom made good use of her time away from the show...getting a "lifestyle lift" it seems. Yes, this show was more in line with the old ones which were really funny. It looks like the writers have found out that the old characters need to return even if periodically in order to maintain the essence of the orignal show. While it wasn't great, it did show the writers are making an honest attempt to have a hit show again.


See, you never post my guys suck


You are out of your mind...a Jake spin are as crazy as they come...and just who talks like this::::beloved secondary players ....god, are you the producer writing this..and yes, the British actor has got to go and, just where is Judith and Herb and baby Millie.....and Judith's mom....
We love Judith, she is so pretty and fun... We loyal fans of 9 years are missing the true essence of the show, the entire family is missing. These men have a past...Ashton sucks. I watch the show,just to see how horrible it me boring for being so curious and nothing better to do for 22 minutes. The producers/writers did have me laughing...nothing can be all bad
I liked the Evelyn was fun....and she had good lines I liked when Alan and his girlfriend were in the car and they thought her mother was sleeping,and at dinner they found out she wasnt....that was sooo funny....and you had to watch to know what I that is great tv, thank you Chuck Lorre, for only Chuck knows how to get that stuff on tv.. A spin off,,,,,oh, please bring Rose back.....Never have Zoey return
and get Judith/Herb/baby Millie back the picture.... Jake is getting better at acting and knowing his lines, but making him a drug party boy does not make him spin off material. Jake should take after his uncle Charlie and learn piano and do some fun stuff for school kids and their plays...Jake lives by the beach, why isnt he surfing or we see him REALLY at Malibu playing volley ball, etc. Get rid of the laughing in the backround, it is annoying.... There is still hope for this cast and crew, producers and writers, but when you have the head of CBS - Les Moonves saying his favorite show is Modern Family, I would think the producers would turn around, watch Modern Family and get a hint... Film outside a warehouse and don't make the kids be on drugs and think an Emmy or spin off is right outside the door...


by far the best new episode yet...i almost didn't want to tune in to any more of the new ones...i'll give it another chance next monday...but slow down a little on all the masturbation comments...rarely funny, and the laugh tracks are very annoying...


Looks like Jake and Eldridge are the best part of the show now. Still filthy parts though especially concerning Alan.


It looks as though Ashton Kutcher has found his niche - as the straight man for Angus Jones. At last, something on the show this season made me laugh. Holland Taylor was underutilized, as she has been all year, and Georgina Engels is essentially doing what she did on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. The two moms sleeping wasn't surprising enough to be icky. I expected to see Evelyn walk out as soon as I saw Lyndsey's mother in her bathrobe. It felt like a retread of the time Evelyn took a shower with Russell's girlfriend.


It was a great improvement over the last two episodes. I agree that the supporting cast should have some more real supporting roles, that does make the show better.


"Following a couple weeks off the air, Two and a Half Men returned with an improved episode last night, and it was due to the integration of supporting characters." Yes! But still only a 3 star episode.

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Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 19 Quotes

Walden: Where is your Dad?
Jake: He is out with his mom.
Eldridge: They are picking up my grandma up at the International House of Old People.
Jake: IHOOP.

Eldridge: Hell yeah, she is hot.
Jake: It is not about how hot she is.
Walden: Well, thank you Jake.
Jake: It is about whether she stays hot.