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Jake and Eldridge ask Walden to drive them to a high school party on this episode of Two and a Half Men.

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An improvement from previous episodes. I think they are realizing that Kutcher cannot carry the show, cut him and his girlfriend to little or out. Give the old regulars their roles back, especially Bertha. Bring back Alan's ex especially her husband who was funny. Give Jake a chance to develop and not into a complete druggie. The regulars will be a big improvement, Chloe, her daughter, and ex husband don't work. Have John Stamos move in next door to Rose's old house and I am sure the show would get its rhythm back.


I am about halfway through this newest episode and am really annoyed by the canned laughter. Surprisingly. It is nice that Jake has some actual dialogue that makes sense. I still can't get over how annoying Alan has become. One of the better episodes so far this disappointing season, yet barely mediocre at best.

Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 19 Quotes

Walden: Where is your Dad?
Jake: He is out with his mom.
Eldridge: They are picking up my grandma up at the International House of Old People.
Jake: IHOOP.

Eldridge: Hell yeah, she is hot.
Jake: It is not about how hot she is.
Walden: Well, thank you Jake.
Jake: It is about whether she stays hot.