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The CW has released its official synopsis for the upcoming fifth season finale of Gossip Girl, airing Monday, May 14. On that night, Blair Waldorf makes a choice between the two men in her life.

The episode title: "The Return of the Ring."

There's a lot else going on in this installment, which executive producer Josh Safran told us will include a major cliffhanger and forever alter the fabric of the show. Here's what lies in store ...

Blair at the Party
  • When Gossip Girl goes after Blair as she’s never done before, Serena admits she may have unintentionally played an important role in Blair’s latest nightmare.
  • Lily must make a big decision about the future of her marriage. 
  • Nate invites Lola to move in with him.
  • Finally, by episode’s end, Blair will make a choice between the two men in her life... will it be Chuck or Dan?

Sounds like an intense episode. What do you think turns Gossip Girl against Blair so dramatically? Does this mean she wrests back control of the site? And will Serena's role as Gossip Girl 3.0 be exposed?

Can Rufus and Lily survive, and will the lovely Lola accept Nate's bold request?

Finally, do you think the episode's title implies that Chuck's engagement ring will make another appearance? Will Blair actually choose Dan for the long haul if Chuck makes one final play for her affections?

Two episodes remain ("Raiders of the Lost Art" and "The Fugitives") between now and then, and the possibilities for our beloved characters are endless, especially in light of recent developments.

UPDATE, 5/2: There are rumors of a Derena reunion, as well as a Monaco trip. Serena's role remains unclear, but part of the finale does take place overseas, and at least two central characters are there.

UPDATE, 5/3: Apparently Serena is getting a "new" love interest ... who we already know. And the choice Blair makes will NOT be a cliffhanger. She will make a clear choice, one way or the other.

UPDATE, 5/11: According to new intel, someone will “see” Gossip Girl, while the final scene will feature two characters - one male, one female - and does not take place in New York. So ... there you go.

Share your predictions with us below, and vote:

Who should Blair choose on Gossip Girl?


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@ love chuck -- I totally agree. I would love nothing more than for Chuck to reject Blair at the end of this season. But I think that she actually will probably choose to stay with Dan. If she choses Chuck, then the writers will make her come off as completely schizophrenic (not that they already haven't). The end of last season and this whole season have been her waffling back and forth between three men, and if she changed her mind YET again and chose Chuck at the end of this season, no one, especially Chair fans, would (should!) take it seriously given her demonstrated inability to commit to a decision this year. But, I think that when she chooses Dan, he rejects her, feeling like there shouldn't have been a "choice" and realizing that she will never be able to get over her feelings for Chuck (even though she says she has). The triangle is solved, she chooses Dan, liberating Chuck to FINALLY get over Blair and find someone else next season, and leaving Blair alone, to find herself once and for all. I hope that in season 6, if Dan, Blair, or Chuck is with anyone, it will not be a regular cast-member. I imagine that there will be a major (several year) time gap at the end of season 6...Chuck and Blair will both have grown and overcome all of their fears and trust issues, as well as their selfishness, childishness, and insecurity, and will finally be together. But I don't think they are ready for a reunion yet. And frankly I think Blair deserves to be rejected (by either Dan or Chuck) at the end of this season. Also, I agree with those of you who think that Lily returns the ring to Rufus at the end of this season. I hope that Lola's leaving the show will pave the way for Serena and Nate to get back together! It's about time for Serena to find someone who loves her--she hasn't so much as kissed a guy all season!!! (did we ever even see her kiss Ivy's ex boyfriend?)


Good lord, this fandom makes me weep for the future. I seriously hope some of you are just saying what you wish would happen, and not what you actually think will happen based on your logical reasoning abilities.


I believe Blair will choose Dan in the finale, Dair is definitely endgame material.


Gossip Girl Season Finale
Dan and Blair
Nate and Lola
Serena and Her hands
Chuck forever alone or with a prostitute


your so inmature for your comments. If anything chair fanbase is not a small group of stupid shallow girls..if anything its a majority that root for chair and to call other girls stupid because they root for a fictional couple!! Doesnt say much about you.


if blair chooses dan, i will NEVER forgive her


I don't really care about the ships anymore. I'm only in it for Serena as GG.


All I'm saying is that it's really easy to take the parts of the story that fit with your argument and casually ignore the rest. But it makes for a weak argument - on either side. I can't say: "Oh Dan's so boring and doesn't understand the true Blair," because that's not true. Dan has stood by Blair even when she's done some.....let's say... despicable things (pun! I know...) And Dan is a character with a lot of depth. Finally, a bad first sexual encounter between them does not necessarily set the tone for their entire sex life... I could go on and on.... My point is: Both couples have strong arguments. Personally, I would love to see Chuck and Blair together. Am I sure this will happen? No. I think there's a fair chance for either one. So, let's accept that. I do have my reasons for preferring Chuck and Blair - but I refuse to make my argument in terms of "Dan sucks, B loves C." That doesn't get us anywhere.


"Never let anyone tell you that you are not powerful. YOU ARE THE MOST POWERFUL WOMAN I KNOW." Now if that isn't evidence of him loving her for who she is, and supporting her, then I don't know what is. Even this season, he loves HER. So much that he would raise her baby. And note that when they were talking about the future they talked about good schools and growing old together - not about being King/Queen of the UES. Perspective, please.


People, it's just too easy to say: "Chuck is the devil and Dan makes Blair happy and supports her." That's just looking at the parts of the story you want to. Just like I cannot deny that Dan and Blair have an amazing intellectual connection, and that he really does love her for who she is - people need to realize that Chuck also loves her for who she is. I can't believe people forget how supportive Chuck was in Season 3 when Blair was freaking out over NYU. I remember this scene when he says: "whenever you forget that you are Blair Waldorf, remember that I am Chuck Bass and I love you." Now - people will misconstrue this as Chuck wanting Blair to gain identify solely as "Chuck Bass' girlfriend," but we all know that this is not the case. Just like you ask people to do something beneficial for themselves for us: "please, stop doing X.....for me?" Chuck was trying to remind her that she had his support. In addition, remember Chuck's goodbye speech in season 4? "Never let anyone tell you that you are not powerful. YOU ARE THE MOST POWERFUL WOMAN I KNOW." Now if that isn't evidence of him loving her for who she is, and supporting her, then I don't know what is. Even this season, he loves HER. So much that he would raise her baby. And note that when they were talking about the future they talked about good schools and growing old together - not about being King/Queen of the UES. PERSPECTIVE.