Two and a Half Men Review: The Spring Malfunction

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After last week’s abysmal episode, Two and a Half Men returned to winning ways this week. We are now dealing with the aftermath of Walden’s decision to invite Zoey and Ava to stay with him, while kicking Alan out.

Let’s get down to business, shall we?

Alan Moves in With Lindsey

On "Mr. Hose Says Yes," Walden learned how stressful raising a child can be. Sure, he had some fun, but for most of the half hour, Ava pestered him. From monster-checking the closet and below the bed to preparing Eggs Benedict while Zoey sat on the sidelines... it's not so easy, is it?

Alan's fate was by no way better, of course, as he was electrocuted, broke his nose, numbed his hand, jarred his forehead and destroyed "Mr. Hose." He tried to be the man of the house, and he suffered inconsiderable pain as a result.

Finally, we were treated to a lot more screen time for Berta, and boy was that long overdue. She had the funniest Two and a Half Men quotes of the night.

Moreover - hooray! - Evelyn and her “buddy” were not present tonight. It really was a good episode all around.

“Mr. Hose Says Yes” showed us that Alan and Walden are just man-babies. No matter how much responsibility they try to take on, things just get worse.  They might get an A for effort, but they deserve an E for execution.

At the end, they realized, they are likely suited for each other. Walden got rid of Zoey and Ava, and Alan returned. Thank goodness, right? Are you happy to see them back together?


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Well i have to say that Walden is just Kelso grown up. I really don't like the whole premiss of the show now.
Sorry but Charlie's and Allan's interaction really made the show.


Ashton Kutcher was definitely not the answer for a replacement for Charlie Sheen. He is a horrible actor. They should have picked someone like Patrick Warburton or Wayne Knight. The kid is much too old to be considered the "1/2". This show does not work and should be pulled as soon as possible to make way for something way better. Kutcher even stunk up The 70's Show. Worst choice possible.


I do, I really start to like Walden (Ashton Kutcher).
The brother relation that Alan and charlie had is getting replaced. The new season got a slow start but they are fixing the puzzle of losing a main character and replacing it with a unknown.


At long last, this was one of the best and most funny episodes of this season. I'm hoping that Walden finally gets rid of his girlfriend Zoey. She's a pill. Alan can't help himself to keep falling for domineering and kind of mean girlfriends. She's a great actress and plays her part well. This whole family plus Walden is all screwed up but that makes the show fun.
I'm finally setting in to the new Two and Half Men. But, I wish the old stars would return at least in cameo parts anyway.

Sue ann

Yes, I think they do better together. It appeared tonight that they both need a keeper, though. I did laugh and laugh, but poor Alan! I was reminded watching that little girl how back when I was a teenager, I much preferred the babysitting job with the five little boys, to the one with the one little girl. Girls are tough. And that one is rotten spoiled. The writing is kind of inconsistent from episode to episode. They just had Walden and the girl friend talking about Alan behind his back, and now they have Walden treating him like a best friend and refuge from the girl friend's child. Man-babies is right. It reminded me of fifth grade behavior I observed back in the Dark Ages. Funny, but sad. Funny but sad is what I like about this show .... Good job.

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