Supernatural Pictures & Promo: One Final Mission?

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Can you feel it, Supernatural fans? Can you sense it?

There's a new vibe on this CW favorite, as evidenced by last night's "What's Up, Tiger Mommy?" How will it be reflected on next Wednesday's "Heartache?"

Directed by Jensen Ackles, the installment will actually feature that star's father in a guest-starring role, along with a string of unusual killings all related to the same organ recipient.

Will it truly be Sam's final mission? Watch the following promo for the episode and then click through photos from it:

Dean and a Killer
A Supernatural Investigation
Young Men in Suits
Liane Balaban as Amelia
Dean and Dad

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Though right now it may seem like it might be Sam's final "mission", with Amelia and his dog the major reason's for his retirement, I highly doubt that that will happen. Sam was content without the life of hunting when he didn't have his brother. Now, Dean is back in the picture. I find it hard to believe that he will be able to stay away from his brother, the two having the history of always finding a way back to each other one way or another, and will not end it that easy. Sam may have finally found a normal life, but is a normal life really what he needs? Besides the characters themselves, c'mon. Talk about how angry the fans would be if Sam hung up the towel. I need not get into that. Overall, if Sam gave it up, well I would be thoroughly surprised.

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