Supernatural Round Table: "Heartache"

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Supernatural Round Table!

This week, panelists Sean McKenna, Carissa Pavlica and Carla Day of TV Fanatic are joined by Alice Jester of The Winchester Family Business to breakdown "Heartache," an episode that featured Jensen Ackles as director and the actor's father as a guest star. Read on and jump in now!


What did you think of Jensen Ackles' third time directing?
Carissa: I enjoyed the episode so that must be good, right? I'm the worst judge of those things. Especially when I already love the show. I'm sorry, Jensen, for not noting your outstanding work.

Carla: I'm not one to really judge on directing unless I notice something particularly outstanding or more likely that went horribly wrong. I saw neither, which is a sign of a good job.

Alice: Amazing! This guy has only directed three times? He's so gifted. This was a very complex script this time. There were a lot of different settings, a lot of scenes, a lot to work in one hour. He pulled it off brilliantly like a veteran director would. The scene with his dad was perfect!

Sean: He did a good job especially for how much of the episode he was in. I always think it's a cool perspective when the actor also gets to have the imput behind the camera. Job well done.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

Did you enjoy the case of the week?
Carissa: It was nice to get away from the mythology for a bit. And they came to Boulder. They didn't bother to tell me ahead of time or I surely would have helped them with the case, but it's nice to know they were so close by. I made me miss the old days, and I hope we see case-of-the-week episodes interspersed more often.

Carla: Yes. I love the step back away from the larger arc here. It was fun to watch the true nature of the beast be revealed. In particular, it worked because it required real investigation and it was a foe that they had never faced before nor even considered.

Alice: I enjoyed its originality. Mayan culture is something new to this show, even eight seasons in. I thought the execution was a bit sloppy, but the idea was good.

Sean: It was fine for what it was and had that classic Supernatural feel. I was expecting a little more towards the end, but the lead up had me intrigued.

What did you think of Sam's flashback?
Carissa: The idea that he had never had a birthday cake broke my heart. Surely Dean got him a Hostess cupcake and a candle at least once, right? He did go out of his way to make Christmases seem festive for the little guy.

Carla: Aww... It was like a dream that Sam probably never imagined he would live. Why wouldn't he want to give up the life threatening, stressful, and lonely life hunting for a happy one with love, sunshine, a dog and birthday cakes?

Alice: It got me teary. A birthday celebration? Aww, Sammy's never had that before (that we know of). Then he smiled! No wonder he doesn't want to hunt anymore.

Sean: I totally got what the point was but I just couldn't get myself to not feel like the moment was cheesy. I know Sam wants that normal life and in a way I wish he could have it, but the flashback (or was it a dream sequence?) didn't pack quite the emotional punch I was looking for.

What do you think will convince Sam to stay hunting and not quit?
Carissa: I hope I'm very wrong, but the only thing I can imagine is that his girl gets killed. She's not dead already, right? He just left? If someone kills her to keep him in the game, he'll go ballistic and very dark Sam again.

Carla: If he he loses Amelia, he won't have anyone to go back to. She could give up on him or something could happen to her. I really hope she remains safe though. It would be tragic to have Sam lose her because of this horrible world he is involved in. Or, who knows, maybe she will find out about his hunter life and decide to join him. That would be a intriguing twist.

Alice: Unfortunately, it'll likely involve something tragic, just like Jess dying in season one or John dying in season two. I can't imagine what else would break that year long taste of the normal life that he's craved his whole life. He clearly misses it.

Sean: I have no idea. I kind of think that maybe Amelia's death but that might seem too similar to Jess and if Amelia decides to join, the concept could run the risk of three being a crowd. Maybe Sam will realize that he can have both? I'm really interested into how his story will play out.

What's one thing you really want to see happen in Supernatural Season 8?
Carissa: I'd like for Sam to get his dog, if my above prediction occurs. Or, if it's already happened, then that the dog makes his way to the boys. They need a dog. Okay, I want them to have a kick-ass dog, and I guess there is a difference.

Carla: I'd like to see Sam help Dean overcome his new darker nature that he gained in Purgatory. Sam overcame his demon blood thing, and Dean can overcome his Purgatory affliction.

Alice: Better characterization of Sam and Dean, both individually and as brothers. The brotherly relationship needs to go back to being the main focus. That was lost in the last two seasons, and it still isn't quite there yet. 

Sean: I'd really like the show to continue allowing Crowley to become darker and less of just the bad guy with great quips. And certainly allowing the brothers to overcome the time they spent apart. These two work so well together that I really want to see them goofing off again. Have they moved on from starting a prank war perhaps?


While I totally enjoy that Sam has a romantic relationship, I do find it hard to believe that he's never had a birthday cake. I mean he did spend time with Jess and I'm sure she would've done something. Sam also says he has something that he's never had before but that's not true. He had that stint in college with Jess.


Maybe Crowley finds out about Amelia and threatens her, if Sam doesn't stay away from her. True, that storyline has been tried in a thousand other shows, but it serves a purpose.


The flashback was overly filter, but I think it was on purpose. Dean told Sam he felt the way he did 'right now' and I think he's right. It's as if Sam wants to believe he can be normal so badly, he's remembering things through a golden haze like they were perfect. It sort of felt more like a dream sequence than an actual memory to me. I see Sam accepting the hunting life when he accepts that no life will be perfect. He wants his normal to be amazing, but what if it wasn't? Amelia clearly wasn't all sunshine and puppies (pardon the pun) the first time we say a flashback, so it seems to me that either whoever is in charge of continuity messed things up, or we're seeing this memory as Sam wants it to be not as it was. Only time will tell, but this idea makes me interested in his year. A simple romance, perfect little life scenario doesn't. As for Dean. Love this Dean. I hope he can balance his renewed purpose in hunting with a real life on earth. I believe Sam and Dean need each other to balance what they want with what they have. Both can pull each other back from the edge. Part of this season's journey is them figuring that out.


I like this program, but I am beginning to think that maybe the end is getting near, don't drag it out until people are bored with it.


I loved this ep. It was unique, and kudos to Jensen on the superb go at directing, which was much more complex than the previous two. I feel so bad for Sam, and wish Dean would let up on forcing him to keep hunting. Just because Dean had his year of normal and chose hunting doesn't mean Sam has to make the same choice, does it? No! Sam has wanted normal since episode one, and only Jess's cruel, Azazel-caused death forced him back. I'm really hoping they don't kill off Amelia in a supernatural manner that sends Sam back into hunting with revenge on his mind and fury in his heart. We've been there, done that already! Truth be told, I'm hoping they wrap up SUPERNATURAL this season and we see both brothers left alive. Perhaps Dean will continue hunting and Sam can finally get to live his normal life, but their bond will remain solid. Love, Robin, columnist, Winchester family Business


I enjoyed Jensen's third directorial of this episode. I feel like they are definitely going into the direction of Sammy not wanted the life of a hunter anymore but Dean feeling obligated to continue onward as a hunter just like his dad. I also enjoyed the fact that it was a little more based on what the brothers were involved with when the both started hunting together again after their father went missing. I so miss those days. However, I guess I also enjoy the days of the "BIG" battle between good and evil, as well. This is a series that I'll always cherish, watch epis over and over again, and appreciate it lasted this long.....especially since series of these types, aside from X-files and a few others, never seemed to....also, I have to send a big shout out to Kim Manners as both attached to the X-files and Supernatural...I think he made it what it is today!! We miss you!!


I loved this episode. Jensen's direction was awesome. Loved the scene with the letters (where they overlap). As Alice said it felt like a veteran behind the camera. I liked the fact they stepped back from the mythology. The 1st two episodes were heavy so this felt refreshing. I'm just waiting to see the brothers relationship become better. But the lead up to it is exciting as well. Let the drama unfold. Jensen & Jared near nailed it in this episode. Every emotion they portrayed was perfect and touching. Loved Ackles Sr. His staring contest with Dean was awesome. Overall a great ep.


Woaaa Alice is now Nick ? Lame


In regards to how Sam will start hunting properly again, if Amelia died it would be too much of repeat of what happened with Jess, with Sam becoming a dark character. I think if she found out about the hunting life and broke up with because she thought he was insane and that she did not want that kind of danger in her life, that would be a bit better. Then I think Sam would see that a normal life would not be possible if people could not accept what he does as a hunter, and then join Dean in the road. I would also really love to see the brothers having more of a relationship that resembles season 1, with goofing around and jokes. Also, they really need a "bitch" "jerk" scene, considering they have not had one in so long!!!


Jensen directing this time around was great especially because he had more of part to play in this episode, whereas in the past he hasn't had much of a part to play, making it more of a challenge this time around. Loved the scene with his dad, although I have to admit I was distracted by looking at the both of them together and finding similarities in their faces. The case of week was great and I enjoyed the Mayan mythology, however, I do agree with Sean when he said that Sam's flashback was a little cheesy. It was very cute that Amelia had a birthday cake for Sam, there's no doubt about that, but the lighting of the scene gave off a dream-like feel and that made it a little cheesy for me. Still, I enjoyed the episode.

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