Two and a Half Men Review: Beware of Dogzilla

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Breakups are tough. And just like Walden proved on Two and a Half Men this week, they can lead you to do insane things.

On “A Big Bag of Dog," our resident tech genius went a little bit of his rails, from building a castle made up of Legos for Zoey to creepily collecting Zoey’s pictures. Walden was seriously not himself tonight.

Walden Isn't as Happy as He Seems

Anyone, who has gone through a bad split will sympathize with the man. Loving Zoey as he did, it is not unreasonable to see him behave the way he did.

And, of course, his gang of family and friends were present to either help him or haunt him. There was Patton Oswalt's Billy teasing him, even rubbing in the fact that he is dating his ex-wife. 

There was Walden's mother, who tried to help, but just made matters worse. And there was Berta, who we all knew would offer no real assistance.

What helped Walden finally get over Zoey was a huge dog, which Alan aptly named Dogzilla. Depositing that canine in Zoey apartment was a sneaky move, but Ava naming the dog was just icing on the cake.

At some point, I think the writers have to flesh out a storyline for Alan; for much of last season, and so far this season, he has just been like comic relief, providing zingers and one-liners, all of which you can read in our Two and a Half Men quotes section.

Like I said last Thursday, I can’t wait to get rid of Zoey and see more of Jake and his army life. Who else is with me?


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i keep watching this show out of habit and honestly bizarre fascination with how it's disintegrated... i keep checking out reviews here and i am baffled at how anyone could find it funny... i appreciate someone is a fan and sticks with it... and maybe gets some mild humor out of it but it just doesn't work anymore... it's humor is now boring, predictable and just lame when before it was raunchy but clever and fun... and the new characters in no way mix well with the old ones... i am blown away you give this 4.5 stars... maybe 4.5 out of 10... but out of 5 is insane... i cant believe it's fallen this far... i guess it's not the first time... designing women had a similar fate after two of it's main cast members left... what followed was in the spirit of the show but the soul of it was just gone... and i'm sure back then there were people like this reviewer who just went with it... laverne and shirley was abysmal after shirley left... so i guess there's nothing new here... just so interesting to watch the downfall...

Beverly brooks

Need to see more Jake!!!! Zoey got what she deserved with the dog.


Zoey = Tedious. Leave her with the dog named Walden and move on.
Lyndsey = Great tension with Alan. Will she be back?
Alan = Needs a more substantial story line...something more substantial than one-liners. How about a story line where he actually has to handle success?
Walden = cut the man loose. Not Charlie 2.0...but the character needs a wild and crazy side.

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Two and a Half Men Season 10 Episode 2 Quotes

Women reject me for 100 different reasons. White teeth would reduce that to 99 problems.


Berta: Seems like this house haunted; by an old spirit that does not just want to move.
Alan: Hey , you are not blaming this on me, okay?