Two and a Half Men Review: The Spice of Life

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What do you know? it seems like the Two and a Half Men writers do care about Alan.

But, not to worry, he is still doing and saying despicable things.

Alan & Lindsey's Love Life

"Four Balls, Two Bats and One Mitt” shed the spotlight on this house mate's sex life. That alone should be enough to gross anyone out, but it provided for some also great laughs. (As always, visit our Two and a Half Men quotes section to see what we mean.)

Relationships can get boring; doing the same thing all over, in the same manner? Snooooze, right? So it's good to experiment. Which Alan and his girlfriend decided to do this week, which in turn, lead to devastating results.

First off, Walden realized he still loved Zoey. However, those feelings quickly dissolved as he was sleeping with a gorgeous woman at the end of the half hour.
In addition, the bedroom scene was just awkward, between Walden crying... Lyndsey trying to impersonate Zoey,... and Alan doing some weird things behind her. I felt really uncomfortable.

I think this week’s installment was a great reminder that, even with the insults and humiliating moments that take place between Alan and Lyndsey, there's still a great deal of love there. Why else go through so much together?

Next week, Miley Cyrus stops by. I just hope her appearance also means that Jake is coming back to town. That guy needs to return like ASAP!!!

Now, over to you: what did you think of this episode and are you excited about Mile’s appearance?


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I too thought this was a very tasteless plot to pursue as far as they did. The show has danced around threesomes before but never to the icky bed scene that just about made me puke. I keep watching the show but I must confess I still hope Charlie is going come staggering in and say," Wow what a crazy dream I had. Where's my good scotch?" Chuck, come on. It has been long enough. Let Charlie make nice, and come on home.


They are really desperate for ratings and went tooooo far this time. 8:30pm is not the time for this show if they go to the extent they did with the threesome to get ratings up. What happened to good old fashion comedy??? A lot of the shows are doing too much smut and it's annoying!! I think I'll start dusting off a few books and start reading again.


I agree with fiona and hans. It reahed a new low.


Lyndsey got the chance to kiss Walden. Alan never even got the chance with Lyndsey's choice, so nothing is new in Looserville. I liked the bar scene. Beggars can't be choosers, but Alan is anyway and when he turned to the woman next to him the result was predictable, short and funny. I give this week's show three stars out of five. As for next week, I'm really looking forward to Miley stopping by.


i think the amount of feedback this show's reviews now gets on this site says all that needs to be said about how far it's fallen... no one cares anymore... it's just sort of there i will say this episode was ok comfort funny in the beginning with alan... but as soon as walden joins in it just crashes... this show is destined for 8 really good years with charlie... 2 bad years with ashton...


I can't believe this trash is actually on at 8:30 at night. It should be on the adult channel!! I totally agree with Hans. It has sunk to it's lowest.


Can this show sink any lower? No creativity, no smart writing and no audience. Hollywood at its finest.

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