Two and a Half Men Review: A Swing and A Missy

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Wow, that all happened so quickly. “Avoid the Chinese Mustard” was easily one of the best episodes this season has offered, if not the best. 

The half hour was heavy on the character development, as well as the laughs. Let’s get down to it, shall we?

Missi & Jake

First off, Miss Chatterbox from Mississippi was back, hoping to rekindle her relationship with Jake, which took place through extensive bouts of unpacking. It is so refreshing to see Jake back and behaving like his normal self; that is, stupid and naïve. I mean, he went AWOL all because of Missy. 

From the first season, we have seen Jake do stupid things because of food and girls, so this should not come as a surprise. But he said he loved her and he went as far to get a tattoo of her name - and STILL she shot him down. I say: very good for him, you dodged a bullet there, friend.

Also, this is the first time in a very LONG while that Alan has been portrayed as a real father, as one to look to admire rather than a blubbering pathetic idiot. He was sincerely concerned about Jake going to jail; he even consoled his son and gave him advice, even though he still cried. It just goes to show that beneath all that creepy and slimy exterior, our chiropractor is still a good man.

In addition, it is evident that Walden is very lonely, as crazy Rose left him and Zoey does not want to get back together. So he did what all billionaires do? He hired an actress to play his girlfriend.

It makes you think: how many rich and famous people hire actors and actresses to pose as their significant others? Even The L.A. Complex touched on this subject.

But I digress. It was certain that Walden will develop actual feelings for this actress named Whitney. Unfortunately, she was as gay as a sundress.  Nevertheless, tonight’s episode was superb in more ways than one. I do hope to see more of Whitney around, she is definitely a better girlfriend than Zoey already, despite that whole being-a-fake one thing.

What did you think of this latest installment? Hit the comments don’t forget to check the Two and a Half Men quotes Section.


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I don't understand why they have made the Alan Harper character such a loser. Where the rest of us come from chiropractors make a lot of money. Alan's son Jake is in the army so obviously he doesn't have to pay child support any more or alimony. So why is Alan so broke? I am really getting annoyed with the Alan character and really starting to dislike him. I keep watching because I'm curious and I think there has to be a different direction for his character


although I miss Charlie it's nice to have a new fresh face on there I have as leaned towards Alan as a boyfriend type being he is family orginated not like Charlie who is too self center (not in real life) juat to let you know I wouldn't mind being Alan's girlfriend & Jon's real life friend the best partd are when he cries I just want to comfort him tell him it's alright & i love him for himself & yhis friendship from the botom re of my heart as for Jake Angus has become a very good looking young man from the chubby little imp he was good job to all in volved as for Asthon he's a little eird to me it's chacter is almost like the one on that 80's show although he is so sexy he is still a little naive towards women I WOULD LIKE TO INVITE jon Cryer as my friend on facebook he an post on my wall David Spade George Lopaz posts on my wall also he can post on my twitter Thanks hope to hear fropm him soon youir friend Marti my facebook ic on is the indian girl


@dman Remember, mate, it's his opinion. Shop around for other reviews as well.


superb? you really have bad taste. it certainly wasnt awful as usual... but superb is insane

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Two and a Half Men Season 10 Episode 7 Quotes

Walden: What are you doing here? No one goes to libraries anymore.
Whitney: It is the only place where I can go where strange men do not hit on me.

Whitney: Wow, that is a lot of zeros. So are you really a genius and philanthropist?
Walden: Yes, I also fight crime.