Girls Review: Dinner Party From Hell

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Coming off of "Bad Friend" - which was a pretty fun and amusing episode of Girls - we hit an emotional spot this week. In "It's a Shame About Ray," Hannah hosted a dinner party that ignited all sorts of troubles, particularly for Marnie and Shoshanna.

Meanwhile, Jessa was off at her own disastrous meal with her new in-laws, who were not invited to her wedding.

Jessa at Dinner

It was only a matter of time before the odd couple otherwise known as Jessa and Thomas John hit their first real marital rough patch. She's a free spirit and he's an uptight finance guy and they got married on a whim after hating each other and then hooking up for a few weeks. Did you think the first time she met his parents would go well?

It doesn't matter how well Jessa behaved when dealing with a duo like that. Actually, it was really just Thomas John's mother as his father seemed particularly enthralled by our resident Brit. While maybe I wouldn't tell my new in-laws that I went to rehab for snorting heroin, I do admire Jessa's firm stance on not hiding who she is. Isn't that why Thomas married her? She has no reason to hide her life experience just for some disapproving stiff.

Their fight was equal parts mean and hilarious. The description of his apartment as a set from gay Entourage and how she tells people he was born a test tube baby to make him more interesting was entertaining. Also, hookers don't respect you Thomas, you're a moron.

I'm a miracle. I'm a unicorn. I'm a f*cking needle in the haystack and you're just some f*cking dumb hipster who's munching my hay! | permalink

Meanwhile, across town, Hannah was hosting her post-Elijah pad thai party. It's interesting that Charlie still attends all of her parties when Marnie is her best friend. Well, it's interesting to me but certainly not to Audrey. I can't believe Charlie told her about Marnie begging to crawl into bed with him when she was sad. I also can't believe Charlie tried to kiss Marnie on the roof! I don't blame Audrey for leaving when he went after her. 

A few things I loved:

  • Shoshanna and Ray admitting they were in love with each other on the subway platform.
  • I LOVED that Hannah stood up for Marnie even if they're fighting. That's what it means to be a best friend. You have someone's back no matter what. 
  • The use of Oasis "Wonderwall" as the ending song. 
What did you think of this week's episode of Girls? What's more disgusting: peeing in a tub or snot rocketing in a tub? Will Jessa and Thomas John get back together? Hit the comments!


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Lena Durham is showing us too much skin while Alison Williams does not show enough !


I was crying during the part where Shoshanna (My favorite character on the show) and Ray admitted their love for each other and then laughing out loud when the next scene had Hannah singing Wonderwall in the bathtub. I love it when a show does that for me. I thought that was an exceptional episode of Television. Absolutely exceptional.


what is the name of the song that is playing when the scene cuts from the dinner party to Jessa & Thomas John walking to the resturant?

Leigh r

Hannah is about 25


How old is Hannah? The Lemonheads album "It's a shame about Ray" was released in June 1992 so about the same age I guess.

Jose t

Best episode of the season !! the fight between Jessa and Thomas was HILARIOUS!!! I had to watch it at least 5 times before i was able to move on!


Season 1 had a lot of hit and miss episodes i guess finding its feet and this season they have. By far my fav episode hands down im really like this season.

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