Shameless Review: My Tragedy is Bigger Than Your Tragedy

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It was a one big pissing contest on this week's episode of Shameless. In "The Sins of My Caretaker," Jimmy was still grappling with that news he found out at the end of last week's episode, "The Helpful Gallaghers."

Or, as he worded it to Fiona "the whole my dad is gay for your brother thing."

Frank, Jimmy and Fiona

I don't blame Jimmy for freaking out about big news. When you find something so huge out about your father, it changes the way you look at lot of your past. Suddenly a bunch of realizations come to mind, not to mention Jimmy was probably also upset about his parents separating. 

There is no contest that Fiona has a harder life. But it's all about your strength of character and how you handle things. Just because something isn't devastating to Fiona doesn't mean that Jimmy doesn't have the right to be upset about it. Jimmy takes really good care of all of the Gallaghers usually. If nobody is allowed to be upset because Fiona has a hard life... well that sucks, then there will never be a successful relationship. Everyone is allowed to have their selfish moments.

Now, before you get on my case...this was my argument UNTIL Jimmy was naked with Estefania splayed across his lap. No longer am I sympathetic towards a man who has one fight with his girlfriend and runs and screws somebody else. I don't care if Estefania technically is his wife. Everyone knows that he and Este are only married because her father would've murdered him otherwise! Team Fiona all the way.

None of them have it easy. But Fiona is right:

Nobody f*cks with the Gallaghers. | permalink

Lip is screwed up because Karen was a sociopath and now he's taking it out on Mandy. I'm glad they made up. At the same time, Fiona doesn't need another mouth to feed and that poor kid Molly didn't realize she is really a guy. Debs got beat on by some skanks at the pool and showed them who's boss. Ian told Mickey he wasn't gonna kick a guy to the curb who treats him nicely and isn't afraid to kiss him. Now Mickey kisses Ian. I still don't like Mickey, but I guess it's progress.

Frank was moderately useful this week between getting some diggers to find Aunt Ginger and helping out at Sheila's. Wow, Jody was not kidding about Sheila's toys being a gateway back to his sex addiction. I cannot imagine waking up to Fabio in that outfit, hanging up a sex swing. The whole nun writing the blog thing was hilarious. I didn't see that one coming!

Kev and V really went old school with their search for a surrogate. I guess V's eggs aren't viable? I thought they just needed another person to carry the baby, not another egg altogether. This is a reverse version of Deception. Now this kid's grandma will really be its mother, instead of the other way around.

What do you think of this week's episode? Are you furious with Jimmy or do you have any sympathy for him? The biggest question of all though is what's going to happen with Child Protective Services? If we thought life was crazy before, it's about to get a whole lot nuttier on the Southside.


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Molly "doesn't realize she's a guy" because she isn't. She's a girl. For a family that's so full of freaks and outcasts, that they blatantly ignore and dismiss this transsexual child is horrible.


the week was pretty intense. I didnt think Jimmy was gonna run right back to his "wife".Lips call to karen was much needed, she really messed his head up. I dont like molly to much either tho. next show should really get good as the CPS showed up. Russians???


Jimmy was really stupid to hook up with the "wife". He has really betrayed fiona and its going to be difficult winning her trust back. That being said, whatever stuffs fiona has got going on in her life, she should have made time to talk with him about his shattered world. We all react to things in different ways. As for kev and V I guess having to harvest V's eggs and implanting it would have cost a lot of money. I think sheila has got a taste of her own medicine.


Not sure why there are no comments yet. I loved this show. To be fair, Fiona did gave Jimmy some time to wallow in self pity. It just he took too much time. If you signed up to have a girlfriend like Fiona with so many people to take care of, you have already signed up to the fact that she will have little time for you. Jimmy already know that right from season 1. Well like all marriages, actually living it is somewhat different. Its a minor blip. They were be back together soon enough. I am worried about CPS too but from the promo of next week episode, it just that Fiona have to suck up to Frank to get them back. We know Frank can do a pretty good scam when he wants too so I guess he should be able to get the kids back. Shameless is just so much fun !

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Shameless Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Carl: Dad, what's this?
Frank: That's a pacifier for your anus.

The whole my dad is gay for your brother thing has thrown me for a loop.