Misha Collins Previews Supernatural Return of "Zombie-Like" Castiel, Confrontation with Dean

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We’ve been missing him for too many Supernatural episodes - but we finally get Castiel back in this week’s "Goodbye Stranger."

Not only will we find out what Cass has been up to since we last saw him, but Misha Collins also spills in this exclusive interview whether Sam and Dean should trust him, how dramatic things may get between Cass and Dean and, of course, how the Winchesters should be... ummmm, less good-looking given all the demon killing they’ve done in the course of the series...

Just Castiel

TV Fanatic: I love Castiel’s entrances on the show. Sometimes very simple but sometimes more fun and big. Does he have a fun entrance into this week’s episode?
Misha Collins: Yes, I think a lot of people will find Cass’s reveal in this episode not fun. Or maybe let’s not use that term. Let’s say it’s dramatic.

TVF: We haven’t seen him for awhile. Do we find out where he’s been since the last time we saw him?
MC: Yes. Cass has been undergoing sort of Manchurian Candidate-style training by Naomi. His programming is complete at the offset of this episode. The monster is finished.

TVF: Will we then see a different Cass than he was the last time he appeared?
MC: Yes, it’s going to be a more…when he goes into programmed automaton mode, we will really see him almost zombie-like. But the Cass that we see in between when he’s not specifically under Naomi’s control is a little bit more subtle. I think he’s supposed to appear to Sam and Dean to be more or less normal. They get a sense that there’s something off with him but it’s not like he has a clear and complete character reversal.

TVF: The fact that Cass is in this state, should Sam and Dean trust him or question him?
MC: They shouldn’t trust him and they don’t trust him and Cass knows they don’t trust him. It’s an open secret. They’re all agreeing to work together in this episode because they have a shared interest.

TVF: Do we get a sense of what Castiel’s objective is or is it a mystery? I’m guessing he has his own objective different from Sam and Dean’s.
MC: He does and his objective is unknown to us at the outset but is revealed half-way through the episode so we find out what he’s really after.

TVF: I know Cass and Dean end up going off together in search of Lucifer’s Crypt. Can we expect some fun banter between the two of them?
MC: Yes. I think fun is the wrong word. I think this time the interaction between Cass and Dean is very heightened and dramatic. But, yes, there will be interaction of substance.

TVF: I kinda feel like sometimes Dean is too cranky. I mean he’s pretty but he can be so cranky!
MC: I know! A good looking guy like that could just be smug about his handsomeness and enjoy that for a change but, no. They do manage to stay pretty good-looking. There really should be a hell of a lot more disfiguring scar tissue on both Sam and Dean given what they’ve been to. In any given episode they get so badly beaten up that they would probably have some permanent life-long disability from that.

TVF: Does Naomi ever think that Cass should have a different coat other than that trench coat?
MC: I think so! I don’t know about Cass. I don’t know whether he reflects on that much but I would love that. It’s a fairly frumpy and not terribly well-tailored trench coat that he wears. I’m sure he could find something cooler.

TVF: What are you excited for fans to see in tomorrow night’s episode? What will knock their socks off?
MC: The final confrontation between Cass and Dean that happens in this episode is pretty good stuff.

TVF: Would you use the word game changer?
MC: [Long and pregnant pause] Yes. I would.

TVF: I like that big pause. Thank you for that.
MC: I don’t know if you can say that long and pregnant pause in written form but, yes, it’s definitely a game changer. 

TVF: I will actually just write in italics long and pregnant pause.
MC: (Laughs)

TVF: And how is fatherhood treating you?
MC: I am enjoying building forts with my son. I think that I actually stopped developing emotionally and intellectually around two myself.

Jim Halterman is the West Coast Editor of TV Fanatic and the owner of JimHalterman.com. Follow him on Twitter.


The shortened version of Castiel's name is CAS with one S. Why do the producers, etc spell it with a double S? Why?????? It is very, very annoying! However, despite this, I love you Cas, and always will. You are a great character.


So far we've had Castiel, DrunkCas, GodCas, CrazyCas, and now we have EvilCas. Damn that bitch Naomi, she's turned Cas into an evil zombie. Can't wait to see how this goes.


So happy to have Cas back! Hope he isn't "altered" for too long...too reminiscent of his "God complex" days. I like the bee-lovin', cat-interrogating Cas better. (I suspect Dean does, too, g).


Ah! Tonight's the night! Finally! Thanks for this interview/article, Jim! I really enjoyed it and it makes me even more excited (and I didn't think that was possible) for tonight's episode. I've been missing Cas so much and am ecstatic to have him back. @Dana_R I appreciate that you dislike Castiel and the angels in Supernatural, even though I don't agree and I do feel like Jim speaks for a large portion of the fans, though naturally he doesn't and never will be able to speak for all fans, since opinions vary so widely. However, I really hate that you feel the need to insult Misha with your comment as well. While his sense of humor may seem sick to you, there are so very many of us that appreciate his one-of-a-kind type of humor. Him and his sense of humor have given smiles to so many people. And if you ever really look into his charity work and all that he has done with Random Acts, it baffles me as to how anyone could dislike this wonderful man.


Thanks so much for this interview, and for asking all the right questions. I can't wait for that "final confrontation" scene between Dean and Cas tonight!


We did miss Castiel? WE????
Please do refrain from speaking for the entire fandom, would you Jim? I don't know but the interviews reads like Collins takes nothing really serious and has a sick sense of humor. Gah, I really rather had Jim Beaver as a series regular in season nine than Collins because Beaver is a far better actor, and the enitre angel stuff has become boring.


did u just call dean pretty?
do u have a hard-on for jensen? what about jared? not pretty enough for you?
you said that in front of misha too. what were you trying to accomplish?
what is even the purpose for this interview? the episode is airing tonight?
just messing with you. thanks for the interview.


We. Are going. To die. Poor Cas... can someone punch Naomi so we could edit a ten-minute video of it like the classical "Tyrion slaps Joffrey"?


cute interview... I just wish I could figure out why I find it so jarring to see 'Cass' written with 2 s's, but it always really bugs me!


Thank you for the interview! As if I wasn't excited and nervous about the next episode enough already. xD Still, fun interview like always. :)

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