Supernatural Sneak Peek: Trusting Castiel?

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Castiel plays a vital role on next week's return episode of Supernatural.

But will the return be triumphant? Or untrustworthy?

That's what Sam and Dean debate in the following clip from "Goodbye Stranger," as their angelic friend explains to them Crawley's dangerous plan. Watch now:

Elsewhere on this Supernatural Season 8 installment, the trio learns that their enemy has been torturing Rachel Miner's Meg, who also makes an appearance, heading off with Sam to stave Crowley off while Dean and Castiel go searching for Lucifer's Crypt.

Supernatural airs "Goodbye Stranger" on Wednesday, March 20 at 8/7c and TV Fanatic will post our weekly recap and review soon after the episode airs.

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With a title like Goodbye Stranger it sounds like someone will die in this ep.


S7 sucked too! Big time! Bobby coming back as vengeful ghost was disgraceful. What exactly were the Leviathan? We never really discovered this. The actors playing Leviathan were good, but Dick was under-used. Also, there should have been more Crowley. We didn't need Kevin in S7. Remember when Kevin was screaming, and Dean asked "what is that?". I still ask the very same question. We didn't need the "Polly" character, the dress removal, or the girl in psych ward. However,S8 is atrocious - still recovering from the awful Dog episode with bestiality overtones (shiver). H8 Bitten episode! Also, why did Sam want to kill Benny, yet let this Bitten girl go? Looking forward to seeing Castiel, Crowley and Meg next episode. Hope S8 improves.


Dean is really holding up S8. Jensen always puts a lot of energy into the role. For some reason Jared has been "off". I assumed that it may have been because he perhaps disliked the Amelia story (if this is the case then I don't blame him). Sam's role was also ruined by the writers - he didn't look for Dean, he tried to kill Benny, he left Martin to get killed, he abandoned Kevin (don't blame him there, either), he left Dean tied to a radiator, and he whinges in S8. Sam needs to improve, but this clip looks good. Cas is always good. Glad he'll be a regular. Need to get to the bottom of Naomi's character. Unfortunately S8 wasted TOO much time on BORING Amelia, Garth, Charlie, Kevin and Mrs Tran GARBAGE!


They always forget about Dean.


Dean Who?


This looks more like it. Tragically, S8 has been a failure (I cannot, and will not be buying the DVDs!). The Henry Winchester and Golem episodes were the only standouts this season. But this clip is promising - finally it seems that we get to see what is happening with Cas. I really hope that Lucifer returns (Mark Pelligrino), and that we can have some excitement. I also hope that Sam wakes up and springs to life (come on, Jared). Hopefully we get to the end of the horrid whingey ("I can't read the tablets") Kevin prophet saga, and that we see an end to Garth. Bring back Luci! Explain Purgatory (this was sadly a let-down), and bring back the Archangels. Also, give us some scary monsters, eg incubi and trolls.


I'm fairly sure the demons are actually searching for the Angel Tablet. Naomi's been really sensitive about it since it first came up - she had Cas kill Samandriel/Alfie over it. How long before Cas breaks free of Naomi's control? Also, I love Cas's line at the end: "You know, I can hear you both. I am a celestial being." Awesome.


Wow, good clip. Actually adds a little suspense and tension.

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