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Dear Diary,

Clarissa's teen angst BS has a (mounting) body count.

Fine, was I the only one who was put in a bit of a Heather state of mind by Reign Season 1 Episode 12?

Maybe it's my only point of reference for a drama that includes at least one faux hanging and more than one teenaged girl who ends up killing someone. That movie's a classic for a reason, guys! And this fast-paced, action-packed hour was some classic Reign.

There was a lot in this episode - pending Vatican approvals, a glorious moping Catherine and the extremely unexpected pairing of Lola and Francis (I'm sure that won't come back to haunt them at all, right?).

Biut before we get into any of that, I would like to wish a fond farewell to Clarissa, my favorite deranged castle pseudo-ghost. R.I.P. Bag Face. You were nuts and you killed way more people than was necessary, but you were my favorite burlap-covered maniac on television and I'll miss the special taste of crazy that you brought to Reign.

Now, the only irrationality will come from the main characters arguing about the validity of prophecies, not you snapping a maid's neck because why not? I pour out some mead for you, milady.

Where will the castle gang go from here? Will they learn to stop riding in carriages? Have you noticed that NOTHING good ever happens to anyone on this show when they ride in a carriage? And if you ride that carriage into the woods? Forget about it, man. GAME OVER.

Captivity is revealing another side of Catherine, something still arch and dry, but more vulnerable and wounded. I like it as a critic who champions multifaceted characters. But I don't like it as someone who considers Catherine's Reign quotes one of the highlights of her televisual week.

Lola's Excellent Parisian Adventure provided a nice, lighter counterpoint to all the heaviness at court, though I am sure hooking up with Francis will not come without consequence. I mean, when does anything on this show come without consequence, right?

Official Reign FashionWatch: 8/10. Every time they braid those tiny pearls into Mary's hair, I die. Also, Bash was looking extremely sharp in that leather armor. I thought he looked very frumpy at the start of Reign Season 1, but his look is growing on me. Kind of a Renaissance Ethan Hawke circa Reality Bites? (yes I have not seen any movies made after 1996, what of it?)

But surely there is a bigger threat to court than floppy grunge hair.

What's the greatest threat to court?


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Are we sure Clarissa is dead? No wonder the girl is crazy nobody in her family cares about her. The did not even care enough to give her a Christian funeral. Neither Mary or her mother cared enough to stay while she was buried. They just threw her down a hill...I don't think she is dead. I am so over Francis and his asking a girl to give up her virtue. No wonder he doesn't care about Bash being a bastard because I am sure he has babies all over the place. Like father like son. He wants to marry Mary and then have her just except woman he asks to give up her virtue because he is a king. He is too busy sleeping around to know his mother is about to be executed. Boy is he a jerk. Ok who wants to take beats that Mary's so called lady in waiting will end up pregnant by Francis and Mary marries Francis! Francis being the spoiled little prince that he is will get mad at Mary for being mad at him. Francis gets on my last nerve!

@ Grimmfan#10

I don't think Clarissa is dead. I was also expecting her to blink her eyes in the end. Since they didn't burry her I'm sure she will turn up sooner or later alive and well. As for Francis hooking up with that curly hair girl Lola?? I think I get Francis pt of view he is still pissed at Mary & getting back at her. & he still doesn't know how lovy dovy Mary is getting with Bash but at least he got even. As for Lola I don't get how she hooked up with Francis!!!!!!!! She is suppose to be one of Mary's best friends yet has no problem hooking up with Mary's love of life even if he is her ex. I think Lola is a slut. As for Mary he practically get engaged every week to a different guy!!!!!!!!! It's like its no big deal just a weekly thing with a new guy. Next week she is suppose to get married to Bash??? but I don't think that will happen she will either A) get married to no one or B) marry Francis. I don't think anything will really come of her and Bash in the end. As the actors have stated that they will go of on tangents but in the end stick with History so she has to marry Francis. And Catherine died in her 80's so she can't die soon.

@ Grimmfan#10

The young lady Francis slept with (sorry her name escapes me) didn't give up her virtue to Francis. (Still hate that Francis slept her) she even told him she was experienced before they did. If I am not wrong she was with Henry before Catherine threw her out.


Nostradamus said that Mary would be the reason Catherine's first born dies. Since Francis is her second born child Mary can marry Francis again. YAA!!

@ mfg


@ Tanner

Yes I noticed that too. Poor Clarissa was Katherine's first born.


Good episode. I loved seeing Catherine do everything she could to save her children because even though she's a horrible person you can't deny that she loves her children and will do anything for them. I was thinking that Clarissa might not be dead and in that final scene I was waiting for her to blink but she didn't so I think she's definitely dead. I believe that Mary loves Francis and will always love Francis and she can't be with him because if she is he'll die so she's with Bash and she has feelings for him but I don't know if she loves him. Francis doesn't think he will ever be with Mary which is why he hooked up with Lola but I can't believe she did because she's Mary's friend and she knows why she did what she did and it's going to cause problems for the 3 of them. Can't wait till the next episode it will be fun meeting Mary's mom and seeing Francis back.

@ marissa

The Nostradamus said Mary would be the cause of Catherine's first child's death. Wouldn't that be Clarissa therefore, Francis is not in danger to die because of Mary.


Do we think Clarissa is really dead? I was waiting for her to blink in that final scene.

@ John IV.

Had the same thought about her blinking. I'm not sure she is dead either. Though I will say, Notrodomus always said Mary would be the cause of Catherine's first child's death, i.e. Clarissa. But again I feel she just can't be dead, not that easily.

@ John IV.

Yeah, I was doing the same thing. I kept waiting for her to blink because her dying like that seems "unfinished".


Mary is really starting to annoy me, she supposedly left Francis because she wanted to keep him alive and she loved him more than anything else, enough to leave him to keep him safe. Now all of a sudden she's with Bash and has forgotten about Francis, the guy who was supposedly the love of her life. Ugh.

@ mollyx

I totally agree. She completely forgot that Francis is still alive and is all of a sudden totally into Bash. What gives???

@ mollyx

That exactly what I was trying to say. She pushed her true love away for his safety and for her love of country,and as soon as he's gone She is all over Bash for love and not caring about country. Sure it's romantic since they do care about each other more then country,but what does that say about her relationship for Francis. I know kinda double standards after Francis's playtime last nunite but he is aware of Bash and thinks Mary has written him off. Out of sight out of mind. Has she slept with Bash up to this point?

@ reality adictt

No Mary has only sleep with Francis and Francis...who has he not sleep with?


Liked seeing Catherine showing what her inner mother looked like.Gave up her shot at freedom.
I know it's suppose to be history based,but I am quickly turning against the whole Mary character based simply on her actions between Francis and Bash.Now Francis made it hard for me to complain about Mary's behavior near the end but,I see her as a little hypocritical. Before she had Francis basicly banished she explained it was for her deep love and for his protection and country. Next episode she is back on Bash's lips and continues to be every other seen. Francis is nothing more then a memorey now that took her virginity.FFrancis's over night sleep over wasn't right but he has been told he needs to stay away from Mary and I think it clearly was a one time thing. He seems to be well aware of Bash's and Mary's relationship and it Hurt's.Mary and Bash were suppose to marry for country but Mary now has flipped all that and wants to marry now. She sure did give up awful quick. Sorry, I don't like Mary right now. Maybe mom coming back along with Francis will change things.


Im glad Clarissa is dead. She was a freak who killed people.
Next to die should be Catherine. I know that might not happen but I love her when she's defeated. Most entertaining.
Nostradamus should also die soon. I hope Henry kills him. Or they Kill each other. That would be epic. Henry should die before Bash is legitimized so Francis becomes King. That would be dramatic and amazing...

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