Dallas Review: Who's Getting Played?

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It appeared that almost everyone was getting played on Dallas Season 3 Episode 4, as past indiscretions and dirty little secrets were used against both enemies and allies. 

Although it's getting harder to tell who's a friend and who's a foe on Southfork, let's start with the fun. 

Pamela made a beautiful bride…again. Of course, Southfork has a long history of brides walking that aisle more than once so she's in good company. 

Afton was the epitome of the abrasive mother of the bride. Nothing about this day was going to make her happy. I was impressed that Sue Ellen held her tongue as long as she did, especially considering how often she'd been sipping from that flask. 

But when she finally let loose in this Dallas quote, she made sure it stung…

Just so you know Afton, the most despicable thing J.R. ever did was you.

Sue Ellen

However, I couldn't help but laugh when Afton smacked John Ross upside the head as she left the room. He kind of deserved it for embarrassing Pamela in front of all of their family and friends. 

The truth is, John Ross loves her and he meant it when he said they're meant to be together. Unfortunately, J.R. and Sue Ellen were lousy role models when it came to marriage. It's only a matter of time before the truth comes out and it all blows up in his face.

Sue Ellen was wrong to want to tell Pamela about John Ross' infidelity on her wedding day. Annie was right. That would have been humiliating and what difference would it make since the two are already married? 

Even though I didn't expect John Ross to roll over when his mother threatened him, he certainly pulled no punches with his response…

You've looked the other way your whole life Mama. One more time's not going to hurt.

John Ross

Blunt but accurate. Between the ghosts from her past and the alcohol running through her system there's no telling what Sue Ellen will do next. 

I knew Harris Ryland wouldn't have John Ross meet him at a brothel for no good reason, although watching the Railroad Commissioner sexually role play with a "dog" was pretty darn funny. When he ordered her to sit as John Ross walked in, I couldn't hold back the laugh. 

Hopefully, John Ross knows not to bed his secretary with his wife working in the same office…but then again, he's sleeping with his step-cousin under the same roof so…

Speaking of philandering married men, Nicolas had some great lines for Elena. When he told her that God understood that his heart no longer belonged to Lucia and that it may have always been Elena's, she ate it up. For some reason I expected more from her. 

But Lucia won't be trifled with. She's decided to keep her husband and she knows his secrets. I can't wait to find out what else is in Nicolas' past that has him so scared. 

How dangerous is Nicolas Trevino? Will Harris get the goods on John Ross? Is Sue Ellen going to tell Bobby about her son's affair with his step-daughter?

Something tells me that wedded bliss won't last long on Dallas.

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics, will John Ross be able to resist Candace?


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Great Episode! You can just see the set-up happening b/w John Ross and Pamela Rebecca...! That Emma is going to become more and more unstable/unhinged the more she becomes jealous...just wait! I wonder what nugget of info will Sue Ellen give Bobby (info on WHO is helping John Ross or what John Ross has on the commissioner?)?? Can't wait til next week...
Oh, and Christopher and John Ross are soooo yummy!! :)


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SHOW!!! So love Linda Gray's continued portrayal of SueEllen - still a beautiful woman & I LOVE Judith Light - man, she's wicked on this show. John Ross is going to self-destruct - people like him always do, oh & once Pamela finds out what her husband has been doing behind her back, oh boy, she is going to spin on that proverbial dime! She's all sweet & lovey dovey now, wait ... just wait! Oh God, I can't WAIT!!! Did I say how much I love this show??? :-)


John Ross is just like his daddy like soooooooo many said in this episode.......He is using EVERYBODY to get what he wants which is power and success............ I'm glad Sue Ellen went to Bobby.........but it looks as if her drinking will once again become an issue.................


Wish they'd show more john ross Pamela scenes. Am sick of the whole Emma cheating thing. I like christopher&heather together. Afton should stick around for a few more episodes. Love dallas!


I loooove this show. My favorite show by far. I love john Ross and pamela, but I am looking forward to pamela going back to her wicked ways when she finds out about emma - who I hate. I cheered out loud when she was crying at the end. I am waiting for the scene when John Ross finally tells her he used her like the trash she is. I also like ryland...he is cool. His mom is divine...she is a total scene stealer. I cannot wait for sue Ellen to stick it to john Ross. I also want Elena to get caught for all her backstabbing. The person that screwed her family - if that is even true - is dead...why wouldn't she have just gone to bobby or Christopher, they would have made it right. I like Christopher and heather, but I would actually like him back with pamela after she finds out what John Ross has done - that would really piss junior off!!! Great show.


I really Liked that Sue Ellen cares about Pamela . I loved the Afton and Pamela Scenes This show really needs more of Afton and Pamela John Ross is a Dumb ass I loved the Afton and Sue Ellen Scenes JRPR Moms and Dads do not like each other I loved the Sue Ellen John Ross Fight He told Sue Ellen he loves Pamela MY OTP ( but John Ross is still a dumb ass) Pamela Calling out John Ross for being just like Cliff was the Best I like everything about the Scene. Him telling her he is doing all this for them . ( John Ross is still a jack ass) NOW come on John Ross pick your secretaries better 2 bad ones in a row John Ross and Bobby Fighting Afton hitting John Ross A JRPR LOVE SCENE ITS ABOUT TIME


Loved this episode! I was on the fence, practically giving up entirely on the hope that John Ross truly loved Pamela, but this episode did in fact confirm for me that he is indeed in love with her and wants her as his wife always. But he's still a miserable ass, wicked and teetering on the edge of morality and justifying his actions for his love for Pamela. What I do know is that this is all going to blow up and he will pay in ways he can't even imagine. I still remember how he cried when Elena left him. I'm guessing that will be nothing to the pain that's coming his way, in more ways than one. But overall this episode was damn near perfect, one of my absolute favorites of this new Dallas reboot. "What was your name? Sprinkles?" LMAO! That whole scene was hilarious! And every single one of the John Ross/Pamela scenes were amazing, though I do wish they hadn't cut out the scene of the two of then dancing at the wedding. But at least we got some damn good stuff to chew on this week. Oh, and who would have ever thought that Sue Ellen would be such a bad-ass! Woo-hoo!


great episode!

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Dallas Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

You may screw like a woman but you act like an attention starved little brat.

John Ross

I never would have guessed that Nicolas was married. Not by the way he conducts himself up in Dallas.