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Before we get to any of the many, many, many, many, many things that went on in Reign Season 1 Episode 13, I feel like I must note:

Yup, public consummations by royals were a real thing back then.

I assume that they would have included less sexy tongue-kissing (on account of your parents being there and all), but on a technical level, Mary and Francis's night of passion was historically accurate.

Of course, I, like all of you, am now even more curious about what was left out. The CW said that content was cut from the scene by censors and is releasing a more sexually explicit version of this episode online, which is a first.

I was initially into the whole idea - I mean, we all like sexier sex, right? - but knowing that this "too hot for TV" sex scene takes place in front of a full castle staff and all of Mary's friends awkwardly trying to avert their eyes made it a little less, uh, enticing for me.

Moving on: so, would it be easier to say what DIDN'T happen in this episode? Clarissa is still alive, to the shock of no one; Marie de Guise is actually a worse mother and meaner person than Catherine, which I wasn't sure was possible (but god, she has a way with Reign quotes!); and suicide attempts continue to abound.

So many suicide attempts! They're becoming the new ubiquitous danger on Reign, like a carriage ride through the forest, they are!

Mary's happiness with Francis, while adorable, will obviously not be long-lasting. Nostradamus visions aside, there are just too many people out there who wish them harm for things to end in teen marital bliss. But who will be the one to actually wreck it?

While Clarissa is obviously going to get up to something, I think she is a red herring. I actually think we're on the verge of seeing Bash turn into a villain.

Reign Season 1 hasn't had a sustained villain - there have been single-episode threats, and then there have been people like Clarissa, who pose threats more out of fear and confusion than malice.

But the show is ready for a real baddie, and Bash - driven by his own bitterness and feelings of betrayal - is going to be it. He's always had an edge to him, a feeling of unease that set him apart from the other carefree young people at court, which kept him from ever quite fitting in.

I think we're finally going to see that unease blossom into something way worse, something truly threatening to the court. And I think it is going to be awesome!

Of course, Bash could always team up with Clarissa, a la Catwoman and the Penguin in Batman Forever, to try and take down French court together. Which would make Mary...Batman? Which would make Francis...Vicky Vale? Which would make Queen Catherine...Jim Gordon?

Quick, someone make a video about this! Get in on the bottom floor of this theory!

Official Reign FashionWatch: 10/10, of course! This was the wedding episode! Obviously you're going to totally, utterly bring it on the wedding episode. I don't even want to get married, but I want to get married 100,000 times in Mary's wedding dress.

And don't even get me started on those outfits Catherine was trying on for her beheading. What a painfully glamorous beheading that would have been! Truly, the Academy Awards of removing human heads from bodies.

People say that marriage is supposed to be forever - of course, those same people probably also say you shouldn't date your ex-boyfriend's brother. So with that in mind:

Will Mary really stay with Francis?


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Hmmm... Little miffed with the public consummation actually, as it really wasn't that accurate - or at least as far as I was taught(BA in History). I'm not positive about Mary and France's case specifically, but over all at that time, yes, public consummations were expected, but there were almost always only two 'witnesses', one man and one woman who were chosen by the current ruler, and if there was anyone else there, they were members of the clergy. And even then, the bed was always curtained so that you could basically only hear what was going on and MAYBE see the odd silhouette here and there. The rest of the house would still be partying downstairs, and when the 'lovin' was done, an announcement was made and everyone toasted and cheered, etc. But yeah, I'm with you, the extra naughty bits were basically ruined thanks to the viewing party. Ick.


Also the fight between Bash and Francis made Francis look seriously wimpy, just by comparison, the hair, the clothes, the girly voice and fighting ruined him a little


On a side note I'd just like to point out that the reign reviews are genuinely the best thing on this website by a mile, I look forward to them after every episode, this reviewer is so fantastic! Bravo!


can we get to the part where elizabeth cuts mary's head oof?

Lien nguyen

According to this new video on Youtube: Dirty Laundry, Lola could be pregnant.


What. The. Effing. Hell..... Ok, I am very pleased that the show is sticking to its historical roots, but did it have to yank my heart out while doing it? I loved the part when Bash and Francis got into a fight in the graveyard; but I thought the whole thing just made Francis look like a whiny little twat. I mean, really? How does bragging about sexing Mary make you the more viable option? Bash however, finally had a little bit more depth; he was so scared of doubting Mary's love and so desperate to cling to his fleeting happiness. It was heart breaking how Mary tossed him aside and returned to the lesser man. He took it like a champ though; sipping his wine in his chambers versus Francis who freaked out, had a rage attack and then ran away from court when he got dumped. Big baby. On a complete other plotline, I KNEW CLARISSA HADN'T DIED! haha, so now what is to happen to everyone hmm? Shall she come back and take her revenge? I think somehow she will try and take revenge on Mary and that is how Francis gets sick. I fell even more in love with Henry's wickedness when he forces his son to watch the consummation... I mean, how freaking evil is that? What a way to make your sons hate each other (call me a sadist, I loved it. Though I wish the brothers roles had been reversed. oh well, ce la vie). Him and Catherine were a match made in heaven…. Or hell. Whatever. Now all that needs to happen is for Lola to drop her baby bombshell! Can’t wait for Mary to find out Francis has preggo’d that ego. Can you say rage attack? Roller coaster of marriage here we come! And what spicey dish with Bash fill his time with before he wins Mary back? Haha, bring back the sexy, brroding, flirty bastard!

Lien nguyen
@ AnnaDeBal

I have a feeling that Bash may be getting it on with Kenna. That can be his revenge for the King who makes him watch the "consummation."

Lien nguyen

Am I the only one that hoped that this show was based on a girl CEO in the modern world? There will be tech gadgets to help with the corporate espionage, modern clothes, and better storylines. In terms of Clarissa, in modern times she can get plastic surgery. Nostradamus can be a medium.


Both of Mary's wedding dresses were beautiful. I can't stand Francis! Too bad they are turning Bash into a bad guy. McKenna is starting to learn. I really liked Lola and wanted to see her and Bash together but not anymore. Like I said last week I think Lola will get pregnant why else would McKenna call her out on sleeping with Francis. McKenna is turning into a bad girl. Lola was foolish to sleep with Francis. Catherine is a scene stealer. I just love her! Planning her own execution and spending tons of money. You got to love that woman! Mary's mother wasn't bad either. More of her and Catherine would be great but since Mary told her to leave and not come back. Ok now that we think Clarissa is not dead... the thing to do would be to find her and kill..but Notra got a new vision. I wonder if Notra is going to tell Catherine that Clarissa is not dead? The music on this show use to bug me but know I am like it.

Lien nguyen

According to History, Mary marries twice after Francis dies. One is to her first cousin, Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley. The other is James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell. So if Bash becomes James Hepburn, then he will be Mary's third husband. This reminds me of Gossip Girl's Blair/Chuck. Of course incest is a taboo subject, the CW will not put an incestuous storyline in so I don't think that Bash will be her first cousin/second husband. I am hoping that Mary/Bash will be the end game. She has more chemistry with Bash than Francis. Francis is like a little brother.


don't bring chair into this mess


I'm hoping Francis turns into the bad guy. Look at how they've set him up, France comes first, he sleeps around, he's told mean things to Mary. He also has an edge. And he tried to have Bash killed. That's what I'm seeing.

@ Linda+P

Woah. I would never hav predicted that, but that's really good. I think that would be a good segue into her turning away from Francis and back to Bash. But then, Bash also seems to have become a lot darker as well

Lien nguyen
@ Linda+P

Of course if Lola becomes pregnant, then Francis will have lots of explaining to do with Mary. If Lola has a boy, then Mary will be pressured to conceive.

Lien nguyen

According to this new video on Youtube: Dirty Laundry, Lola could be pregnant. -

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Reign Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Marie de Guise: Marry Francis--not some bastard who might be king some day.
Mary: His name is Sebastian.

So I sent you here to wed a king and find you engaged to a bastard.

Marie de Guise

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