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-Mary and Bash plan to be married immediately.

-But before they can, Mary's mother, Marie de Guise, arrives at the French court.

-She pleads with Mary to marry Francis, because he is sure to be king

-Nostradamus sees a new vision--that Mary will not cause Francis to die, and that they will have a long and happy marriage.

-He tells Queen Catherine of his vision--and she then goes to King Henry to take back her objections to Francis and Mary's marriage.

-Left to choose based on love alone, Mary chooses Francis.

-Mary and Francis marry, while Bash is banished, and Queen Catherine's life is spared (for now).

-Nostradamus sees another vision--this time, he sees that Francis will die soon, after all.

-Nostradamus also discovers that Clarissa is not really dead.

-Bash kills the men who take him to the forest to banish him, believing that they had plans to kill him.

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