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Stanely "Stan" Marsh is one of the four main characters of South Park.  Stan, who is simply a kind, honest kid, generally serves as one of the shows main protagonists, a role generally shared with Kyle.  They usually, of course, go up against Cartman.  During the initial seasons, Stan's catch phrase used to be "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!" shortly after Kenny died.  He was also pretty well known for always vomiting on his girlfriend Wendy.  Now, he just mostly goes on crazy adventures.

Stan Marsh Quotes

What's Arkansas? Is that a state?


Cartman: That's right! You stay out!
Stan: You can't keep us out forever, you f[bleep]ing fatass! We'll be back as soon as Kyle's hemorrhoid is better!

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Stan is Stan I like this character and his intelligence and down to earth nature always on positive views. 7/10

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