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Dan and Vanessa on Gossip Girl. How do you rate their relationship with some of the show's others?

Rating: 2.5 / 5.0 (107 Votes)

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    Mwahahaha the distraught look on her face says it won't last much longer for Dan and Vanessa. Thank god for that, even Dan Humphrey deserves someone better then her...


    i feel like vannessa and dan. are too good of friends, that it's ruining being a couple


    break them up already, they're pointless, Vanessa is bringing my bb Dan down.


    hmm..maybe they're having a fight! (:
    actually, i'm looking forward to dair a tiny bit. it's...new. but it feels too much like the writers are just matching people together. everyone has hooked up with everyone on this show at least once.


    please don't hate me and i don't know why, but i really want to see dan and blair together. i just want to see my reaction :D
    and i was happy when dan and vanessa got together, but now i kinda don't see it. like they don't look very good together :/


    V: WHAT? you're leaving me for BLAIR?
    D: =D


    i think they work and as long as they're together, that means no DAN AND BLAIR!!!!! thank GOD FOR VANESSA!


    She looks really pretty in this picture though. But come on we knew that Dan and Vanessa were going to have problems they're both so judgmental on the people they're with that it was only a matter of time before their bliss was up.


    FAIL. everything vanessa jump into become a FAILURE.