Peter becomes a pirate after he steals a parrot from the vet.
Brian's illegitimate son, Dylan, gets dropped off at the Griffin household for Brian to raise.
Brian and Lois go for a bike ride during their vacation to Martha's Vineyard.
James Woods returns to Quahog and steals Peter's identify on Family Guy.
Peter, with the help of Brian and a talking cow, attempts to show the evils of a fast food corporation.
After Meg awakes from her coma, she falls for the medical student that was treating her.
Peter attempts to prove how much he loves American by stopping immigration.
In an epic gun battle, Lois tries to kill Stewie to stop his world domination plot.
Stewie sneaks on the cruise ship where Lois and Peter are vacationing to kill his mother.
After getting a leg transplant surgery, Joe is able to walk again on Family Guy!
Brian moves out and in with his girlfriend Jillian, bringing Stewie along for the ride.
A picture of Chris leading the Griffin Family in their Star Wars retelling as Luke Skywalker.

Family Guy Season 6 Quotes

Red Leader: All wings, check in!
Red 3: Red 3, standing by!
Red 6: Red 6, standing by!
Red 5: Red 5, standing by!
Red Button: Red Button, standing by!
Red Foxx: Red Foxx, standing by!
Big Red: Big Red, standing by!
Red October: Red October, standing by!
Helen Reddy: Helen Reddy, standing by!
Simply Red: Simply Red, standing by!

Stewie: Brian, this is painful. It's like listening to those two foreign guys down at the coffee shop who've been living in the US almost long enough to sound American.
(scene cuts to coffee shop)
Guy #1: Oh man, what a good bunch of partying at that disco-tech. They played one of my audience requests.
Guy #2: Way awesome! I myself drank like five liters of beer. Any more and I would have ended up in hospital man.
Guy #1: Oh you said it friend, but I wanted to stay, because I almost had sex on this girl.
Guy #2: Oh yeah, but it was so expensive. Each drink was like six dollars forty!