The Boys Halloween Plan
The boys plans to go trick or treating may be interrupted on South Park. "Face Time" is the 12th episode of the show's 16th season.

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I dont see how the BBC can show daytime reptaes when they gave licence to UK Gold to do the same. Are UK Gold versions uncut (other than ad breaks)? Proof the BBC dont care two hoots about the public days before Christmas they include on the viewing schedule a Take That concert which no doubt millions of people had bought on DVD or Bluray to give as a gift to friends or family. Why do that so close to Christmas?The BBC have history of cannibalising shows, if anyone has bought the Young Ones on DVD over the years they are nothing compared to the originally transmitted versions. In fact one of the 2nd series episodes had a scene ENTERED which wasn't on telly and some other scenes ripped out completely!Get it sorted BBC, look after the fans for once and not just look at cheap and easy ways to fill the coffers again!

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South Park Season 16 Episode 12 Quotes

Oh, I get it. Video stores are so old, they have ghosts in them. Okay, thanks, I get it!


Randy: How many copies of "Meet the Fockers" do we have, Shelly?
Shelly: Six. We still have six!