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Well, I figured there was going to be a dud in the bunch eventually.

This half of season 16 of South Park has been consistently of really good quality, but all good streaks come to an end. "A Nightmare on Face Time" is that glorious letdown.

The Boys Halloween Plan

This was really just a bland episode. Randy buys a Blockbuster, it winds up not drawing in any customers, he makes family stay there, he goes crazy, and tries to go The Shining on them.

Meanwhile, Stan can't leave so he goes 'trick-or-treating' on an iPad with FaceTime, and winds up being treated as a real person in a way that no one even comments on. The absurdity just kind of fell flat. And people not recognizing Cartman as The Hulk was just too obvious. Him saying "CARTMAN SMASH!" at one point immediately before chickening out at the Redbox bandits was amusing, though.

It was one of the few South Park quotes I enjoyed this time around.

But really that was about it. Making fun of Blockbuster for the rise of Netflix and Hulu just seemed like too easy of a target, and there was nothing actually interesting to say about it. Not much caused me to laugh. The references were all so obvious. But, hey, there was a reference to "Gangnam Style" and a large hulking "Gangnamstein," which was actually pretty funny when Randy grabbed Stan's iPad and started going crazy on it for whatever reason. It all made no sense.

Also, this was my first experience with actually hearing "Gangnam Style." My rock that I live under is quite comfortable, yes. Though I still have managed to not hear "Call Me Maybe" yet. I totally expect that to be playing on next week's episode.

And that is something I can't wait for, because this one was just a pedestrian affair. It's like eating a dry, tasteless hamburger. It didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth like if it had some disgusting ingredients on it, but I also don't want to eat it again. And, so much like this hypothetical hamburger, I shall leave this experience behind. There will be better in the future, I am sure of it.


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I completely agree with this review. The whole ipad facetime thing was pretty stupid and the netflix vs blockbuster thing is already a non-issue. Gangnam style was the only thing that even put a smirk on my face. Also, I think we had enough sarcasm from Randy for one season. Definitely one of the misses.


You are actually one of the worst reviewers i have read. How could you give "I should have never gone Zip-lining" 4/5, that was one of the worst episodes of the season, so was "Cartman finds love". This episode was hilarious and deserved a much better rating than you gave it and people agree with me as you can see by the user rating. Find a new job you flog.


Reviewer, flog yourself. Best episode in a while, I was dying, so much do that I actually took the time to log on to the interweb expecting to see mad props for this genius episode. Hope there is more to come like this one.


One of the best eps in years. Opinions are opinions, but people can also be wrong. Product placement? They're lampooning things, making fun of Ted (SP has a history of hating everything Seth MacFarlane does). Great art in the costume design and getting down the look of the Shining stuff. I hope more episodes are as good as this, because the season has been a bit lackluster.


Seriously? I haven't seen a single funny episode of South Park for a while... All of these are so predictable. Can't believe Matt and Trey get paid for this shit.


I really enjoyed this episode. I thought the Ipad gag was pretty funny and "The Shining" references were pretty solid. I thought the boys being the Avengers was a good gag, although I agree the Cartman jokes fell a little flat. This was almost certainly the "banked" show that the guys generally do once a season. This episode was much better than "Going Native" and another pretty good episode. I really enjoyed Randy ordering exactly what Trey gets from McDonalds in "Six Days to Air." It's stupid but that just killed me. And I would have preferred an episode of Butters as Wereprecaun than the "Going Native" show. I give the show a "B"


This one of the worst episodes in a long time. Oh boy Randy doing something crazy, pissing off the family except this time it was just lame. They couldn't made the blockbuster more like paranormal activity rather then going using the shining. The only thing funny was when they threw the ipad with stan's face into the marsh, apart from that none of the jokes stuck.


Honestly this is the funniest episode in this half of the season. They've botched Randy twice (Sarcastaball was horrible...) and even Butters (Sarcastaball, Going Native) was ridiculously unfunny. This is the first episode I can say I truly enjoyed. From the costumes to the Shining references, it all worked. And is making fun of Blockbuster easy? Well no easier than unnecessary Bane references or Cee lo Green jokes, but I guess those tickled your funny bone. This review site does well with some things, but not this show apparently.


thie review is terrible, this episode was soooo funny. wont be coming back to this site the reviewer seems to have no idea


To the guy commenting about product placement, South Park gets no money from those companies for having those products in there, at least nothing up front. They just use that stuff because they want to. Besides, I don't think blockbuster would pay for that "placement" they had.

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