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Jules: Ellie, friend test.
Ellie: Fine, I'll come.
Bobby: Friend test?
Jules: Yeah. It's when you call your entire friendship into question and force them into doing something. I came up with it.
Trav: Sounds like you.

(to Trav) If you're with the right gal, it's all about creating the moment.

Bobby: It's raining Kirstens?
Grayson: My Kirstonas?

Yeah baby! The world sucks, but who cares?

Trav: Dad the world today go:
Bobby: Well, I should know oil spilled, black President I love it, people watching movies on their cell phones and ohh Lady Gaga.

Jules: I feel like I owe you a sorry.
Bobby: You sank my home.

Jules: To get ahead. Get a home!
Bobby: Worst slogan ever.

You see Travis, being a man is living in constant fear of disappointing a woman.

If you need me, Grayson's door is always open.

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