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Well, Adam! You told her she was beautiful on the inside. Are you kidding me? What young girl isn't going to respond to that?

So, maybe we have your mom do it. She loves giving bad news. It's her specialty!

Adam: Should I or should I not tell Kristina.
Crosby: Well, yeah, of course you should tell Kristina. She's gonna love this story. You can walk her through why you were at her place and how soft her lips were and whether or not you got aroused downstairs...and she's probably feeling great about herself post baby, so I think this will go over great. But, you'll be guilt free and she'll spiral into a dark depression.

Crosby: On the topic of your hipness, do you think on Friday you can go untucked, maybe drop a button or so. Just hip it up a little.
Adam: Hip it up.
Crosby: Well, you don't want to go in there looking like a tax auditor.

Crosby: Yeah, well I'm so sorry sweetie. I'm sorry I failed you again.
Jasmine: Well, at least you're consistent!

Crosby: No more radio show for you?
Jabbar: Nope.
Crosby: All right. I could have played that for two hours.

Crosby: You know, there's wheat in beer.
Jasmine: Yeah, so?
Crosby: So when he's at his first keg party he'll gonna be the weirdo in the sweater vest sippin' on chardonnay in the corner. That's on you.

Not to sound skeptical, but a wheat allergy, it seems like it's the snuggie of diseases...everyone has one this year.

Hey Joel, can we tackle this light fixture next? It looks like a crack house. She won't like it.

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