Divya: When we've been friends as long as they have, do you suppose we'll be like that?
Hank: I certainly hope so.

Evan: You're going to start cashing all your checks now aren't you?
Divya: I'm afraid so.
Evan: Now I'm sad.

Please touch with your eyes.

I'm sorry I can't go through with this. The universe has sent me one too messages already.

Divya: Well, I love what I do.
Raj: I can tell. And I can see how much you are giving up for us.

Fate and obligation are two different things Raj.

Evan: (about Eddie) I should go talk to him.
Divya: Isn't prison punishment enough?
Evan: I'm gonna miss you.

When my parents got married, my mother got my father a tandem bicycle. I have such fond memories of them riding it together.

Divya: That is exactly what a teenage girl sounds like. Maybe you should be watching Twilight.
Evan: Seen it. Team Edward.

Evan, who's to say that I'm going to get lost. And who's to say I'd want you to come to find me?

(to Adam) When we kissed...I felt nothing except regret. I'm sorry.

(to Adam) What happened - happened. Talking about it couldn't help because it shouldn't have happened at all. Sorry.

Royal Pains Quotes

It's Divya!


Paige: I know you won't be saying things like that if I ever get pregnant.
Evan: When you get pregnant.