Jack: Do you know how Fargo's been living on my couch and spending every second with his sort of dead girlfriend, it's not healthy. So I'm wondering in your lovable and tactful way maybe......
Andy: Kick'em to the curb?
Jack: Glad we understand each other.

I vote we stop it, lots of buttons! Lots of buttons!

Henry: You might want to keep your hands in your pockets
Jack: Great safety tip

Jack: I'm moving balls with my mind!
Henry: There has to be a better way to say that, but yes.

Henry: The experiments are unorthodoxed.
Jack: Lab-rat Carter at your service, count me in

Jack: You call that 5 minutes?
Andy: 4 mins 32 seconds actually, I bet time crawls by when your sinking to your doom.
Jack: mmmmm fair point, why don't we get me out of the quicksand then!

Is it just me, or are you getting a crazy sense of déjà vu.

Jo: Playing dumb just makes it worst.
Jack: Playing dumb? I AM dumb.

Henry: It looks like a liquid nitrogen valve ruptured causing a BLEVE
Jack: Is that French for "Blizzard"

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