Fargo: My Office dropped into the bunker.
Larry: Evacuation protocols kicked in early.
Jack: Bad time for premature evacuation.

Allison: I need you to stay perfectly still and no talking unless I tell you too.
Jack: Ok, no moving around while your tooling around in my brain; fair, that's fair.

Zane: If you're at my place, then you're in my body.
Jack: Yep! You went a little nuts with the hair trimmer don't ya think?

Fargo: I was in here playing laser tag in my body, the next thing I knew I was in you!
Jack: Never phrase it that way again.

Warren: In case things don't go well, Sheriff I will need you to handle the redactions.
Jack: That doesn't sound "breezy"

Vincent: Zane forgot his sunglasses
Jack: Oh, I will take them to him [picks up sunglasses] Wow, nice shades Ponch!

Jack: Thanks for the save
Jo: It's kinda of my job.
Jack: Hope you keep it.

Zane: Do you think its dead?
Jack: [watches lake boil] I'm going to say no.

Zane: You saw her naked.
Jack: What are you six?

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