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Modern family

Jay: We finish each other's sentences. Like, tonight we are going to... Gloria: Have so much fun!

This whole thing is a colossal fog cue.

Gloria: I took him to a farm where he has plenty of room to run.
Jay: That's the second thing they say when something's dead.

I don't get how one dog keeps you awake when you grew up sleeping through cockfights and revolutions.

Jay: Don't most kids drink soda?
Manny: Who knows what they do?

She's always had a certain comfort level with... killing.

I'm lucky only one guy turned around.

I'm probably going to have a Latino kid carry my clubs anyway, might as well be you.

Was that before or after you were delivered to my door in a squad car wearing nothing but your underwear and a police hat.

I'm gonna go get a beer, beer, beer before I punch you in the head, head, head.

Don't be coy, what are you waiting for a box of chocolates? Let's do this!

That was my Vietnam - and I was in Vietnam.

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Modern Family Quotes

It's a body spray called Sex Grenade. One of the divorced dad's in the hotel recommended it.


Just coffee for me today. Black. Like I feel on the inside.

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