Bonnie: I'm not perfect Jules.
Jules: Really.

Grayson: What did you do?
Jules: I cracked the code.

I hate Halloween.

Oh my God! I want to snort this!

(to Grayson) Hold my hand. It can still be romantic!

You're the kiss master.

You have a lost and found Bang Box? Disgusting.

Ellie: Sweetie, you need big Joe?
Jules: He'll never leave.

Jules: Are you watching my sex tape?
Ellie: Yeah, but with the volume off so it's not so weird

Ryan is super pretty and he's not at all afraid of cologne.

Laurie: Am I in a different conversation?
Jules: Almost always.

They're like fire hydrants, but useful.

Cougar Town Quotes

Laurie: Jules told me never to ask, but why do you call me Jellybean?
Ellie: Well JB, when Jules first hired you I thought you were so simple minded she could convince you that Jellybeans were more valuable than gold and subsequently pay you in Jellybeans. This concept was eventually shorted into your nickname, Jellybean.

Bonnie: I'm not perfect Jules.
Jules: Really.