Bonnie: I'm not perfect Jules.
Jules: Really.

Grayson: What did you do?
Jules: I cracked the code.

I hate Halloween.

Yep, we raised a deadbeat.

I can't believe we're in Napa. I think we're meeting God.

Grayson: Put Big Carl down.
Jules: No. He understands me.

His smile lights up the world.


Wooo! How can I do woo wrong?

Pale and tan swirl.

I own the shush clap.

Plus, I get to lean on my Gracieship.

Jules: All together now -
Everyone: If it's on the internet, it must be true!
Jules: Exactly now, everyone sip please.
Travis: Afternoon booze bags. What are we celebrating now?
Jules: Science.

Cougar Town Quotes

Laurie: Ellie, I saw Andy's feet...I'm so sorry.
Ellie: No one understands.

Take OFF the mom goggles!