Bonnie: I'm not perfect Jules.
Jules: Really.

Grayson: What did you do?
Jules: I cracked the code.

I hate Halloween.

Get crabbin' bitch.

Mother of God I gotta drink!

Jules: You suck at musical beers.
Grayson: This is my bar damn it.

Grayson: Shall we?
Jules: Indeed!

Ellie [about Josh]: He kisses with a perfect seal around you mouth like he's trying to suck your brains out
Jules: I know, but he's gotten so much better
Ellie: That's better?
Josh: I'm gonna get us some more drinks

Ellie: I can't be married to someone in public office. Jules, I have to interact with people. You know I hate the people.
Jules: That's what you get for telling Holly our thing was cancelled.
Ellie: You know what I hope? The Karma Gods get you.

Barb: Hey Jules. Hmm, feels good to have a lot of power between your legs, doesn't it? Motorcycles are good too.
Jules: Do you just follow me around, waiting to say things?

I hate dressing up. Not for nothing, but I'm not doing it yall.

Jules: I feel like I owe you a sorry.
Bobby: You sank my home.