I hope I NEVER pee this out!

Jules: You smell nice.
Dr. Evans: That's the smell of confidence.

To sweaty foot wine!

Jules: I feel like I owe you a sorry.
Bobby: You sank my home.

Travis: We should just eat cave man style. No dishes to clean that way.
Jules: Get the shades.

Grayson: What did you do?
Jules: I cracked the code.

Jules: No one gets any wine until they say something nice about Ellie.
Laurie: I'm going to a bar.

Ellie: Do you remember that great Thanksgiving blowup where your uncle mike got drunk and told your cousin she was invited.
Jules: She was fourteen and Korean, on some level she knew.

Grayson: There is no such thing as a happy stroke.
Jules: Then what did Kurt Douglas have?
Grayson: A stroke.

One Soy Latte for Lady J. Love Explosion.

(to Grayson) Hold my hand. It can still be romantic!

He just left and I'm jonezing for his cuddles.