Larry: I am going to go do something nice, right now.
Susie: It's about time.

He's gonna change your life. And a life that sorely needs changing.

It's not for performance. It's just for recovery.

The woman is on this earth to catch balls. Interesting theory. Too bad I don't have a daughter. I would like to impart that knowledge to her.

Larry: Lesbians have kind of an advantage in a way.
Leon: They some tricky mother fuckers.

Tie goes to the hetero.

Whether I give you a gift or you give me a gift, it costs me money.

Susie: Ya know Larry, I think you're taking the wrong tactic with these women. I really do. I think you have to present who you reall are.
Larry: I did present who I really was; a phony, a fraud, a prevaricator. I presented who I was.

You fixed it all so you could be at the cool table. You got Ricky Gervais, you got Allie, you got your Broadway stars.

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