Modern Family

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Modern family
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Claire: I assure you, you are fine.
Phil: That's very comforting coming from a marketing major at a party school.

Let's dim the lights, crank up Norah Jones and get this over with.

That's how Craigslist works. Total strangers sell you things like signed vintage baseball cards that make your father-in-law respect you for an afternoon.

Ho Ho Hold up a sec!

He's me and it's spectacular!

Quick, what's my favorite hospital food? Jellooo.

Phil: If I had a son I'd want him to be like Kenneth.
Claire: You do have a son.

Why hug when you can manshake?

I have three kids and at least one of them is going to college. Worst case scenario, they all go!

I know you were reluctant to get that massage, but I think we can both agree it had a happy ending.

Okay, I'm wonder woman.

Phil: You know who can't climb trees?
Luke: Raccoons?
Phil: Worries. Raccoons can and will so don't leave food up here.

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