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Annie: I'll be at the movies with my Bubby.
Troy: You're not taking both of them?
Annie: Well one's dead.
Troy: WHAT!

You're moving in was supposed to turn us calm!

Annie, do you know how many sitcoms have done the secretly replace a priceless item thing? Because Abed does. Abed knows everything.

Brought to you by the yogurt Jamie Lee Curtis uses to poop!

We're live tweeting Annie's move on twitter, hashtag Annie's move.

Cool, I can't feel my pants.

Troy: You tried to destroy us, but you only made us-
Troy/Abed: More Awesome!!!

Pierce: What did I do to deserve that? Keep me out of your stupid stories.
Troy: I didn't say it was you. I said it was a crazy, old, racist doctor.

Troy: Do we have to refill the toilet olives?
Abed: Nope I just checked.
Troy: You're the best roommate. Wanna stay up all night talking in our bunkbeds?

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