Drama: Malibu? I booked a massage.
Vince: So cancel it. I'll have Turtle give you a rubdown

Vince: Sorry, Drama. Got a scuba lesson. Take Turtle.
Turtle: Come on, Vince! I want to learn to scuba. You know how buoyant I am

Eric: What do you guys think of Cameron Diaz for Aquagirl?
Drama: Love her.
Turtle: Fuck that. She's got a boyfriend. Upside is you bang her, he gets pissed off. Downside is she's loyal. Who wants to make a movie with someone you have no shot at?
Vince: He's got a point.

Rufus: I don't love the shirt, personally.
Vince: Rufus, you don't like the shirt?
Drama: Vince, that shirt dulls the sparkle in your eyes. If I was you, I'd go with the blue Faconnable. It says, "Hello, I'm here, and I'm doing fine without you."

Vince: Any big news stories today, E?
Eric: What do you mean?
Vince: Mandy's really smart. She was always testing me on what was going on in the world...
Turtle: I heard Pamela Anderson dropped another tit size

Eric: First of all, we're boarding, not skiing. Second of all, you guys have been on boards twice and one of those times was in the store when we were testing them out.
Vince: Uh-oh, sounds like a challenge. Tell you what, I'll put up a G for the first man down the hill, unless of course I win, in which case you all have to walk home barefoot.
Drama and Turtle: I'm in.
Eric: What's Sundance without the spirit of competition? I'm in

Eric: Guess who's breaking bread at 2:50?
Vince: Who eats at 2:50?
Eric: Harvey Wiengard.
Shauna: Oh...Harvey's a prick to work for, but he's a genius. Everything he touches turns to Oscar gold.
Vince: You're the man, E

Ari: Chang Chung is the hottest director in Hong Kong. Tarantino has already decided he's the next guy he wants to steal from.
Vince: Cool, the guy must be good. Tarantino only steals from the best

Eric: Why don't you call Walsh?
Vince: Ah, see, here's the thing you don't seem to be grasping. I don't make the calls. I make the movies. And I make the money, or at least I used to.

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