Vince: Don't you have to be home to your wife, Ari?
Ari: I make the goddamn rules! ... I got till... 2AM

Eric: Do this movie.
Vince: Can you get me suit approval?
Ari: You can wear tube socks and a yarmulke
Vince: All right! Lock it down

Vince: I don't want to end up doing the same role for the rest of my life.
Eric: He doesn't want to get typecast.
Ari: Look at that -- there's the Joker, there's Batman, there's Spider-Man. They're all rich guys

You tell someone you cheated if you want to break up with her. Otherwise, it's just a selfish way to get rid of your own guilt.

Drama: Three months without pussy, E. That's rough. You're almost a virgin again.
Vince: Yeah, why do you think he's calling?
Drama: It's like the guy's got his hymen restored

I thought the whole reason people have girlfriends is for effort-free sex.

Eric: Why's it so hard to get a good slice in LA anyway?
Drama: Tap water. That's why you can't get a decent bagel, either. Except on Fairfax.
Vince: What, Johnny, there's different water on Fairfax?
Drama: Yeah, Vince. The Jews import it from Burl Park.

Vince: Go easy on him, he's having a rough day.
Ari: What's wrong, E, what happened?
Vince: He's not getting any.
Ari: Oh no. You kidding me? Want me to get Lloyd in here and have him hari kari you with his pecker?

Drama: Vince, you ever go 3 months without pussy?
Turtle: Vince ain't ever gone 3 days.
Vince: No wait, that's not true... Sophomore year.
Turtle: Really?
Eric: Yeah, he had mono.

Eric: So, your sayin you'd have sex with a girl on her period, Drama?
Turtle: Who wouldn't?
Vince: I've done it, it's not something I hope for.
Eric: You guys are disgusting

Ari: I thought the girlfriend was still in play.
Vince Aww, bad time of the month to come home.
Ari: Oh, you're like me.
Eric: Oh yea, how so?
Ari: I won't even fuck my wife after she plays tennis.

Ari: You know what they feed people on an indie set, Vinne? Nothing! They don't give you a trailer. They tell you to go sit on an apple box. Ever try to bang an extra on an apple box?
Eric: Well, if anybody could do it, Vince could.
Vince: I do have great balance.

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Mean is when I made Jess Mancini ride her bike home after I ass fucked her


Lloyd: What's wrong?
Ari: Has so much cum squirt in those eyes you can't see what's right in front of your face? Amanda Daniels takes that job, Vince is fucked and I'm fucked. Which means we're all fucked. And we're fucked in the way you like to get fucked, not fucked in the way normal people like to get fucked

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