Derek: It's the kitchen? Living room - a little small. The view's much better from here. And that's where the kids are going to play? Where's our bedroom?
Meredith: I'm still mad at you and I don't know if I trust you, I wanna trust you, but I don't know if I do. So I'm just gonna try, I'm gonna try and trust you. Because I believe that, we can be extraordinary together. rather than ordinary apart and I wanna be ... (he kisses her)

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The 'kids room' is sooo cute. It sort of makes it final that Mer is serious about it all and wants kids with him. Aww!


awww~ i love the way Derek shuts Meredith up- by kissing her~ cuz she can get seriously bossy and talkative sometimes~~hahahaha such a cute couple!!! x]


I loved how he just took charged and ,when he said "a little small the view is much better from here. Where is our bedroom.??
This is a man with a SERIOUS PLAN. He has thought thru every inch of space for every room in his dream home for the LOVE OF HIS LIFE.
When he mentioned the bedrm, my eyes were already full of water. I started to smile and could not stop. And almost a month later I'm still smiling, happy and hopeful.
NO ONE CAN ROCK a love scene like Pompeo/Dempsey.
They should get an EMMY just FOR THAT!!!!!


omgosh i hated this part.!
it made me cry i loved it soooooo much!
it was sooo adorable! like omgosh i loved it!
like wow lol. =]
it was like my FAVORITE part of grey's anatomy that day i believe.!
like awh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and they're soo cute together too!<3


It was the best night of Grey's ever!!!!!!!!!


*cries* the scene is even better (l)



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Grey's Anatomy Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Where have you been?! I've been waiting and waiting for you! And I did this stupid, embarrassing, humiliating, corny thing. And I was just gonna tell you that, this over here is our kitchen and this is our living room, and over there that's the room our kids could play. I had this whole thing about I was gonna build us a house, but I don't build houses because I'm a surgeon. And now I'm here feeling like a lame ass loser. I got all whole and healed and you don't show up. And now it's all ruined because you took so long to come home! And I couldn't even find that bottle of champagne ... (Derek holds up the bottle and smiles)


Derek: Meredith....
Meredith: Stupid, corny, idiotic, I can't believe I did this. Stupid, loser, son of a ... I could be at home instead of ... oh
Derek: Meredith....