Newsweek magazine did say it's good to change careers... right after they laid off all their editors.



This is good, I should come here more often and read your quotes, I'm tracking with your guys... Keep it Real, and you are.....great.....more newspapers have been going out of buiness..... I've been laid off at least 20 times. and that my friends is a very real statement. Mergers suck.....they just do.... downsizing sucks, unless you did alot of running.... Reinvent your self when you get laid off, dream of becoming a writer, a producer and maybe someone, somewhere will think, the next biggest thing on earth, like Mother Teresa comes back reincarnated to share what she learned on the other side... I've seen more people laid off then I think of this industry, you're as good as your last show, your last season and you never know if it is the last one, and then you read in some rag mag that your show was canceled and you thought after that expensive vacation you were a sure bet....think again, save your money, and when that contract ink is dry, dont forget to live morally, no ineptness, have moral turpitude and learn how to spell before starting that next gig, or get spell check. If you put your life on every tv show in town, and you think you can talk about a boss that gave you 2 million a week, think again, and oh, dont apply at Newsweek, I heard they are laying off.

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Put a James Taylor CD in the stereo so they think it was a suicide.


Lisa: You're gonna regret the day you were born.
Bart: I already do, it's too close to Christmas.