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Charlie: Normally, at this point in a relationship, I'm busy plotting the appropriate exit strategy.
Myra: For example?
Charlie: Well, that would depend on whether I'm trying to get rid of you for today or forever.
Myra: Let's say today.
Charlie: OK. Today I have to see my dermatologist about a little rash.
Myra: Oh, that's good. What about forever?
Charlie: Turns out it wasn't a rash, and they won't let me come home

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Two and a Half Men Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

Charlie: So, drinking in the dark, eh?
Alan: Wasn't dark when I started

Charlie: You know something; I just realized that I'm two for two at Judith's weddings.
Myra: What a coincidence, I'm two for two at Herb's weddings