Chop chop Tilda Skankton. You work retail, so work it.


Right now was all about knowing each other. Every inch of each other.


We live in the woods and half the campus are boycotting social media.


The world needs proof that young love does effing exist.


You know I can't see that garbage can without you.


Britta: Oh my god, you're tall IRL... and hot.
Matty: Thanks.

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My best friend had befriended my worst enemy. How did that happen?


Is Jenna an uber driver for the summer. How trag.


I don't want like to cook.


Sadie: What are you doing here?
Sergio: Trying to build some business and thought you might want to see me.

I just love cotton candy so much. You could build a room with it.


I was class president. What if I'm never president again, of anything.


Awkward Quotes

Hey! Stop! Don't touch me there that sir is my no no square.


Becca: What I don't know is, are you a cool Asian or a school Asian? What are your PSAT scores?
Ming: 120.
Becca: Low. You're not a school Asian. Have you ever spring break-ed in Cabo, downed Adderall, or had an affair with the lead singer of an indie rock band?
Ming: No.
Becca: Not a cool Asian either.
Ming: So what am I?
Becca: White.