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Karen: Oh my god, nothing changes! You got off so fucking lucky today and are still behaving like a bratty child.
Hank: Right...thank you for reeling me in. Let's hug it out. Celebrate my good fortune?

Wow you move fast. Or is this how you are paying off your bill?


Oh never have I been so excited to write a huge check and service the community for twelve days.


You have been found guilty of statutory rape, but the real crime here is not one of moral turpitude. Your true crime is that you seem committed to squandering your natural gifts and wasting what appears to be a rewarding life.


I thought we were a fucking fairy tale, but if you're careless with something long enough you know it breaks. And that's how I feel, broken, completely and utterly broken.


I am lucky. I'm lucky to have known you. I'm lucky to have loved you, but I feel it's finally over, which is a kind of relief.


God I wish I could get high with y'all. I mean the baby's not gonna go full retard if I get just the tiniest bit whacked right?


You're wise and beautiful you know that? You make us feel old and stupid, and we love you for it.


Take it from someone who was watching and taking notes. You guys were good together.

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