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A little homosexual, three guys in a hot tub.


Snooki's drunk and she doesn't understand. She acts like she's 10 years old.

The Situation

[to Situation] I'm, like, begging you. I'm trying to have fun, but you're, like, too much.


Mike might have a secret possible obsession with me.


I'm leader of the group. I say what goes, and if I say we're leaving, we're leaving.

The Situation

Sammi: If I ever were to ever meet him, I would be like 'Hell no.'
Ronnie: You did meet him, and you made out with him.

Back in the day, they had a prophecy that one day, there would be a pimp of all pimps, and his name would be The Situation.

The Situation

Without her here, it would have been different.


I'm not gonna get my nails done with her.


It's all good in the hood.


JWoww: Oh no, he's gonna drown!
Snooki: They live in water!
Vinny: It lives in salt water, you idiot.

I'll speak for everybody and you can get the f**k out. You left in Jersey, you might as well leave now.

The Situation
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