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I'm down there for a funeral. It's such a sad event and I end up finding something that I thought was lost forever. This beautiful moment that meant so much to both of us, set against the backdrop of fighting commies. There's your movie.


Why does drama keep following me everywhere I go? It just pops up out of nowhere.


I was shipping off to Vietnam, you had the ass of a young Ann Margaret.


When my dad is ready he gets to pick his own girlfriend, that's the big upside to your wife dying. Also not having to think before you speak.


I love it here, manicured lawns, planned activities, early dinners, what more does a kid need?


C'mon does Gloria really look like the kind of woman who would run a brothel? Yeah I better go with her.


Alex: She said I was just like her.
Haley: Was she weirdly competitive

10 days on the road with those kids? Winnebag-no.


Jump, swim, now give me your best Beyonce.

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