Addison: Have you ever considered adoption?
Sloan: Like when you pick parents from the Pennysaver?
Addison: No, that's just in Juno.

The problem is you are a sex toy I found on the Internet.


It's not my fault you are not a man.


You are gonna have to look in the mirror because the pot is definitely calling the black. Screwing is all you do.


Mark: What the Hell do you care, Sam?
Sam: I just care.

I care about Mark Sloan. I loved him once... sure, he's got a screwed up moral compass. But so do I.


Mark: Plastics.
Charlotte: Sexology.
Mark: Sexology? God, I love L.A.

Sloan is a Dachshund. Dachshunds like to eat poop.


I'm not the one that blew up the house.

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