Pete, I know your a dad now and the world's a big, scary place, but what the hell is going on?


Sam: My foot is down.
Bailey: Your foot is down? Well, you best pick it up and walk away from me!

Bailey: Are you a by-the-book chief or are you a do-what-it-takes-to-save-lives chief?
Charlotte: This kind of blatant manipulation typically work for you?
Bailey: Usually.

I wasn't always the guy who sat and watched.


This place is better than a telenovela!


Dell: I am 25-year-old single father. How am I going to deal with all this?
Cooper: You just love her.

Naomi: Addison, let another surgeon handle this!
Addison: I can save them both, Na, I can save them both!

[to Violet] My wife died and all ... all I could think was that I can breathe again.


Violet: You asked me what kind of man I am? I think you're a man that married the wrong person.
Pete: Maybe SHE married the wrong person. Maybe I'm not cut out for all this.
Violet: You're a good man. And in time you'll find someone. You'll love someone.
Pete: I hope so.

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