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(the new and improved Getting Gay With Kids song)
You only fight these causes, because caring sells,
all you activists can go f(beep)k yourselves.

We're not getting gay with any kids, okay?

Militant Group Leader

Guide: Don't worry. The snake is more afraid of us than we are of it.
(Snake hisses and wraps itself around the Guide)
Cartman: (sarcastically) Oh yeah. The snake's really afraid of us.
(Snake swallows the Guide whole)
Miss Stevens: Is he dead?
(Guide's skeleton exits the snake)
Kyle: I would say yes.

(after the GGWK choir has been saved by the deforestation workers)
Ms. Stevens: So, what are you doing out here with all this equipment?
Worker: Oh, we're tearing down the rainforest to make room a lumber yard, do you have a problem with that or something?
Ms. Stevens: Me? Oh no, you go ahead and tear down this whole f**king thing!

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