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The GGWK Choir

Cartman: (whacks a monkey on the head with a stick) Bad monkey! Bad!
Miss Stevens: Eric! What the heck are you doing!
Cartman: I'm asserting myself! Like my Mr. Kitty! When he's bad, I say "That's a bad Mr. Kitty!" and I whack him on the head!
Tour Guide: And this is a three-toed sloth.
Cartman: (hits sloth with a stick) Bad three-toed sloth!
Miss Stevens: Eric, for God's Sake! Knock it off! (pulls Eric away)
Cartman: (throws stick at sloth's head, shouting) Respect mah authoro-tah!

Cartman: What if you don't have any rhythm?
Choir Teacher: Excuse me?
Cartman: Well, like my friend Kyle. He's Jewish, so he doesn't have any rhythm.
Kyle: Shut up, fat ass!
Stan: Choirs suck.
Mr. Garrison: Kyle Broflovski, you watch your language!! Eric Cartman, you be nice to people!! Stan Marsh, you mind your manners!! Kenny McCormick, you pay attention!! (sighs deeply and tells the choir teacher) Go ahead.

(about Cartman) Fine! You deserve to die you little bastard!

Ms. Stevens

Kyle: Hey maybe Cartman was right.
Stan: Yea, it did happen one time before.

Ms. Stevens: I'm leaving some pamphlets up here on the desk if anyone is interested.
Cartman: Oh good. We could use some more toilet paper.

Look you guys can go over mnya but I am going over mnya you mnya, me mnya screw you guys, I'm going home!


Stan: All we ever heard growing up was "save the rainforest. The rainforest is fragile."
Kyle: Yeah. Fragile, my ass!

Kyle: No dude, that's a branch.
Stan: Oh. AHHH! SNAKE!
Kyle: No dude, that's the same branch again.
Stan: Oh.

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